How Project Morpheus Saved Sony’s PAX Prime Presentations From Disappointment To Rousing Success

While at first disappointed with Sony's offerings at PAX Prime 2015, especially compared to what they had in years past, Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece on how the amazing Project Morpheus saved Sony's PAX Prime presentation and made it a rousing success.

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1136d ago
Thatguy-3101136d ago

PAX is just pax lol what did they expect? E3 like presentations and what not haha

Garethvk1136d ago

Since we have been to both and cover both every year, you would know that Sony always does a very large booth at PAX. Also, they had more hands on access with their games at PAX then they did at E3 in the past so yeah, we did expect more.

InTheLab1136d ago

In the article they compare the previous 2 years to 2015. A collection of ps3 games and dlc is pretty lame even if it is Uncharted. It's still games we've played to death.

Garethvk1136d ago

They did not have PS3 games but everything was basically downloadable games save for Uncharted which was a remastered as you know. Naughty Dog had told us that Uncharted 4 would not be there so I figured fair enough, that is for the PSE in San Francisco most likely but I had thought we would see something else even if it was just video as when they had The Last of Us and Infamous: Second Son it was video only so I had thought they would have something more.

InTheLab1136d ago

By ps3 games I mean the Uncharted collection...

nosferatuzodd1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Exactly maybe they plan it this way have these guys who wrote this piece think about that
Maybe they said you know what let's make this Morpheus the center of attention this time around you of to give press to you're future hardware too you know why they got to say it like if it wasn't for the morpheus the show would of flop, if Morpheus wasn't there Sony would of put something else in that spot ..

gokuking1136d ago

This was the scene in Japan:

Elsewhere at the same convention:

gamer78041136d ago

gotta agree, morpheus/vr tech feels like it will remain niche like it has been for now. apparently causes headaches and causes skin to droop after prolong use, doesn't sound fun for anything over 30 minutes.

jb2271136d ago

Causes skin to droop? What does that even mean? I highly doubt that using VR somehow changes the elasticity of a human beings skin...does it change us on a biological level to watch 3d tv too? Are you talking about leaving rings around your eyes where the headset hits or something?

I think the first generation of VR titles will be meant to be smaller experiences to be digested in smaller doses. As the tech matures I could see it being used for fuller length titles but I'd be cool w/ smaller chunks of gaming w/ full immersion on VR, but thats all subjective, some people might not dig that. Some people may not be able to get the most out of VR, my brother can't see 3d because of his eyesight but it doesn't necessarily diminish the effects for those of us who can. I guess it's all down to how widespread those issues are.

Skin drooping sounds like something out of a sci fi flick though, I'm not so sure that could be a thing....are you sure that's not something you saw in The Lawnmower Man?

gamer78041136d ago

@jb227 This isn't the first generation of vr, i used it also many years ago for a first person shooter. had a walking component as well as vr. It was ok, but would much rather play with a standard controller.

The drooping i didn't mean permanent (although i guess if used everyday it could) . Anyways many people have reported with vr the set really pulled down on their skin on their cheeks and some even dried their eyes out due to pulling down on their lower eyelids. This is what i was referring to, not some permanent skin melting or anything :)

butchertroll1136d ago

Quote from article :

"So with that in mind, let me explain how Project Morpheus in my opinion saved Sony at PAX Prime 2015. We also make Sony our first stop during the press hour on day 1, as that time is invaluable to get in coverage before the thousands of fans rush onto the floor. Last year we had The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, and Until Dawn to go with the third party and smaller titles, and the year before that we had Killzone: Shadowfall, Little Big Planet 3, and a presentation for Infamous: Second Son.

So you can imagine a brief letdown when Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Kill Strain were the biggest things displayed on the floor. This was not a reflection of the quality of the games but rather that one was a remastered set, and the other is a downloadable title. Yes there were tons of third party titles like Street Fighter V, and Star Wars Battlefront, but after the amazing show at E3, I had hoped to see a bit more as even the fun Teraway and Drawn to Death were not enough to build up my hype meter."

Guys, he didn't enjoy these games at Sony's booth :

PlayStation Booth

Alone With You
Assassins Creed Syndicate
Cosmic Star Heroine
Drawn to Death
Dungeon Defenders 2
Star Wars Battlefront
Enter the Gungeon
Fat Princess Adventures
Guns Up
I Am Bread
Kill Strain
Ray’s The Dead
Street Fighter V
Tearaway Unfolded
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection


Coming to or available now on PlayStation

Gang Beasts
Hyper Light Drifter
Moon Hunters
To Leave
Viking Squad
YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

Garethvk1136d ago

I did not say I did not enjoy it. But show me the AAA exclusive in the bunch? When I go to a companies booth at a trade show, I expect more than third party cross-platform titles and casual DLC titles. So yes, compared to what Sony has shown in years past, this was a letdown. I had already seen and played most of those titles at C.E.S. and E3, so for them not to have any AAA exclusives was a letdown.

butchertroll1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Just shut up, man! SF V and Star Wars are AAA games. Tearaway Unfolded is a great game, dude. Why you didn't wrote some stuff about, let's say, Drawn To Death and Kill Strain. Instead, you wrote how there are no games. Sorry man, but your gaming life is a misery. "I only play AAA games and i'm a cool gamer!" LOL, no shit! Pathetic article, pathetic author. SO MANY GAMES ON THE LIST AND YOU DIDN'T PLAYED SHIT!