Nintendo ramps up its marketing: spent 10% of its revenue on ads last quarter

Nintendo has increased its marketing spending substantially over the past quarter.

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FallenAngel19841165d ago

Considering that Wii U sold less units last quarter than it did the year prior's quarter, I'd say its safe to say this marketing isn't as effective as Nintendo would like it to be

wonderfulmonkeyman1165d ago

It did wonders for Splatoon, and it's definitely gonna do wonders for Mario Maker.

Spotie1165d ago

I'm sure many people hope so.

bouzebbal1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Mario Maker? Not sure that's a system seller. For hardcore oldschool Mario fans yes, but i guess they all have a wii u by now.

The marketing campaign came too late imo. Even the curious turned back to it already cause waht we hear about it is negative things.
If only Nintendo could cut the price so it's more affordable. It's for me the only way to give it another chance.
Wii U has some great games and i have one and i like it, but i still think it's too expensive for what it is.

Metallox1164d ago


You didn't understand monkey's comment. It's not about the console anymore, it's about the game itself.

If you think it won't perform excellently, then you are in denial.

wonderfulmonkeyman1164d ago

See, Metallox understood me, as did 8 or so others.
But the rest of you are so focused on downplaying the Wii U's console sales that you only saw what you wanted to see.

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fatneal1164d ago

i think its kinda too late for marketing to make significant changes. all the rumors and bad press have already spread and kids/teens that would have otherwise ask their parents to buy them a wiiU already have their minds made up about just like the gamer adults do. they should have dedicated resources to marketing the wiiU from the start. its 2015 and its still casuals who think the WiiU inst a console but a controller upgrade for the original wii...thats the problem

3-4-51164d ago

A good % of that was for Splatoon though, so that has to be factored in.

OhMyGandhi1165d ago

so weird how video game related commercials on tv aren't as big as they used to be. I remember when you couldn't go two minutes without Crash or Tekken being advertised. Times have changed.

LOL_WUT1165d ago

Too little to late Imo considering how they broke their silence on the NX and it possibly launching next year i doubt investing now would change things. ;)

marloc_x1165d ago

..unless Wii U and NX work hand in hand?

benji1011165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

This was in Japan. It had nothing to do with the US or the rest of the world.
The original article is about Japanese businesses spending trend for advertising in Japan. As usual someone with mediocre Japanese tries to make clickbait out of it.

benji1011165d ago

How can someone disagree.. Really.. This is from a Japanese News site about Japanese companies marketing in Japan. It has Japan Cocacola east on this list. Do you think that Japan cocacola east is a world wide company?

Rearden1164d ago

Nintendo is a Japanese company and its revenue is from worldwide. The number includes worldwide marketing expenses based on worldwide revenue.

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