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Though it’s likely a comparably limited look at the full game, Forza 6 is already looking like a far cry from the bare bones garage that was Forza 5 two years ago. If neither rain nor sleet nor dead of night will keep Forza from its appointed laps around the rack, then Forza 6 is clearly in a race to perfection should Turn 10 keep enough of the in-game “buy me!” signs out of its head. I hope any fears are proven wrong, because every racing fan should take note of any racing game half this slick.

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WizzroSupreme1163d ago

Forza 6 is definitely looking to push the envelope far more than Forza 5 so far. And at 460 cars no, less. I think this Forza might very well be the one that lasts you a whole generation.

christocolus1163d ago

I think this game will be well received by critics and gamers alike. Might just end up being the best in the series so far.

Bigpappy1163d ago

I have never driven in the cockpit using a controller and felt so comfortable and in control as I did in that demo. It just feels so well calibrated.

FlexLuger1163d ago

Agreed. I still prefer my bumper cam as I like seeing more of the road and the sense of speed in that view.but cockpit cam was less claustaphobic than before, if that makes sense.

Cant wait to play this in a few days.

Foehammer1163d ago

F6 is glorious

And Hood cam for me, sense of speed is awesome.

KiwiViper851163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Far chase for me. I like seeing my car and livery in action.

FlexLuger1163d ago

"I like seeing my car and livery in action."

I know what you mean ;). When Im just cruising I go to chase cam sometimes to admire my custom liveries as the light bounces off them, while driving through the towns in FH2. Its as close an anything to seeing your dream car, in your dream color/wheel combo..or crazy liveries, driving on the streets. even better while cruising with friends.

Bonnet cam is nice for watching the reflections on the car you cruise through nice.




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LifeInNZ1163d ago

My only wish after playing the demo is that the final game has more water being kicked up by the car/s in front you. Other than that the game plays fantastic.

BootyBandit1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

For me its wanting stronger ffb. Game plays great on my wheel. I just wish there was more ffb. Hopefully they will address it via a patch.

LifeInNZ1163d ago

Lucky, love to have a proper driving wheel for this game. Alas its controller only for me.

BootyBandit1163d ago

I'm so desperate to play this game I'm contemplating buying the DD Ultimate version so I can get it 5 days early and I never buy digital.

maybelovehate1163d ago

Me too haha. It actually kind of sucks they are doing that. Paying more for an early release is frustrating but also probably will be good to give those servers an early test.

TripC501163d ago

I enjoyed Forza 4 more than 5 because the online tag/infected mode had better tracks to race that weird? Anyway I hope Forza 5 goes back to that.