VR Theme Parks are the future

A company in Pleasant Grove, Utah have decided to take VR gaming up another step and have constructed what they call a “virtual reality theme park”. Instead of gamers donning a headset and enjoying playing their their favourite games in true 3D rendition, gamers will don a headset, a battle suit and a virtual (physical) gun and traverse themselves through a warehouse, fully constructed to playout the levels they see in their headsets. The levels that journalists are being allowed to play are currently in alpha and pre-alpha stages, so everything being currently shown is still in early stages but the company is already planning to roll out 250 centres of The Void across the world within the next 5 years.

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SaveFerris1142d ago

Interesting though, if they can bring the arcade experience back to the West. Those who cannot afford the headsets and setup might like this. But if you are supposed to be running around in a warehouse wouldn't this be better with AR much like the laser tag games?
For gamers with their own VR gear, this may not be as popular as they would already have a number of games to play without having to leave the house. Just my opinion.

Kalebninja1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

I've been following this project for some time and the experience is completely different from sitting down with a vrh and using a controller. You dont just look at the world you walk around, touch what you see and interact with it. Its more than just shooters they have fantasy games as well. They even have flying simulation so when you're sitting in this machine you're being lifted,turned, and spun as you play. Its the ultimate gaming experience until the unlikely step to something like sword art.

Scatpants1141d ago

I don't have much faith that this company can develop a well made game around this though. The underlying software has to be really good for it to end up being fun. If you're wandering around a warehouse looking at janky C grade game graphics it will fail.

TeamLeaptrade1141d ago

I would absolutely love to see VR style theme parks. Would be a blast.

captainexplosion1141d ago

I've been dreaming about VR theme parks for years, but $30 per 30 minutes is outrageous.

SteamPowered1141d ago

I can't wait for more park experiences in VR. A Jurassic Park I could visit at my leisure would be most enjoyable.

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The story is too old to be commented.