NWR Preview: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood


''I'm not terribly familiar with BioWare's games, but I do know enough to see that their Sonic RPG is very, very different from the developer's usual material. The story is more light-hearted, and the combat is heavily based on Japanese RPG traditions, including timed-action elements from such games as Paper Mario. One famous BioWare element, the dialogue tree, is present but was not featured in the E3 demo that I played. Since E3 is hardly the place to get into a deep storyline, and the demo started on chapter seven (of ten) anyway, I mostly paid attention to the combat. The 3D characters are impressive for a DS game, even with the camera zoomed in. Combat is turn-based and set up more like Dragon Quest than Final Fantasy; you give commands to your entire party before anything happens.''

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SuperNova19954313d ago

This game is going to be amazing. i just hope my mother gets my a ds like she said she would. or i can hope it comes to ps2. >_<