Whose Lineup Is Better? Free Game Showdown September 2015

The battle for free game supremacy intensifies this month with both Microsoft and Sony bringing their A game! Whose lineup is best this month?

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Digital_Anomaly1136d ago

Man, we all win this month. That's a solid lineup of games on both sides!

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1136d ago

Gotta say that it's a great time to be a gamer. Sure, not all the "free" games are great, and some I have played, but having those games on that list that I never really thought of, or just never gave a chance, and now they offered with my online subscription, makes them ALL something to play.

MercilessDMercer1136d ago

Daaaaaaaaamn those are impressive line ups!!

MRBIGCAT1136d ago

I give the nod to MS this month. I cannot fire up Tomb Raider fast enough. What a great game to get for free, or rather with gold.

raggy-rocket1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Please don't start this. We were all getting along so well. Please don't start another thread of lists of games 90% of which the commenters have probably never even hard of, paragraphs of hate and fact checking and stat posting and sales figures being deep-throated and the cowpat piles of 'indiestation' and 'xboners' being thrown across the thread at eachother and the donwplaying of exclusives

Topics like this are literally ONLY based in opinion. Some people, and there's plenty, don't give a toss about tomb raider, crysis, deer god etc and some people only care about titles such as super time force etc (amazing game btw). You decide as an individual gamer. The title 'showdown' just shows how journalists love to create arguments.

Personally, I prefer Xbox's this month, but I've played all of the ones given away except Deer god, PS has more stuff I haven't played except STFU (not that kind of STFU), so I can't really decide on who has best quality to me, but from what I know, have played and have seen of all of the games, Xbox takes it for me this month. Loved Crysis 3, Tomb raider I loved and I must have spent over 150 hours on battletstation pacific as a kid

Paulhammer1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Did you bother reading the article? It specifically says that there are a ton of great free games this month, but that tomb raider is the type of AAA title you don't often see on these lists.

Also see that the article is tagged as an opinion piece.

Spotie1136d ago

I'm gonna call BS. Then I'm gonna invite you to see just how many such games have been available thus far.

IamTylerDurden11136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

@ raggy

1st of all you never played Super Time Force Ultra, you played Super Time Force, it's different. Ultra is a different version of the game, a better version.

2nd, do you realize you are countering your argument that xbox had the better month by describing how much you have played all the games with gold prior to them being free? So many ppl have played Tomb Raider between the original and the definitive edition i can't imagine that it's a great addition for many, for the 10 million that have already played it. Do u think ur the only 1 to have played out 3 of the 4 GwG games? That lessens the value considerably, considering 3 of the 6 PS+ games are new releases PlayStation obviously doesn't have that problem.

Battlestations is almost 7 yrs old, it released in 2009, are they really giving 6-7 yr old games on GwG still? Imo Battlestations is a very poor addition.

PS+ has a considerably better lineup imo, it gives you 4 quality PS4 games while GwG gives you 1 quality xbone game.

You get 6 games with PS+ compared to 4 with GwG.

3 new releases with PS+ compared to 1 with GwG.

When PS+ gave us Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider free over a yr ago i had already owned them. Over a yr later i'm sure many xbox users will have the same problem.

It's a better month than many of the spring/summer have been for GwG, but PS+ clearly has the better selection this month. 6 good games. La Mulana, STFU, and Twisted Metal were the highlights for me until i played Teslagrad, that game is phenomenal. I adore this month.

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