5 New Things Coming to Fallout 4

"The wait is almost over! Fallout 4 is just around the corner, so we figured now is a better time than ever to hype up just how great this game is shaping up to be. Bethesda has already showed off a ton of new gameplay elements, and explained what new mechanics they’re bringing to the beloved series. So here are five new features introduced in Fallout 4 that we are looking forward to the most. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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OhMyGandhi1139d ago

There are actually 6 things coming to fallout 4: me.

irishyort1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I have never understood the character creation thing. You can spend hours making your face just right to never see it again in the game.

This is not a nba game where there are camera closeups after a play or a dunk, so why bother wasting time programming something so indepth when you wont look at your face again after the setup is done.

akurtz1139d ago

have you seen any of the npc interaction gameplay? ugh

Reddzfoxx1139d ago

I need to create my face in FO4 so my enemies can know who came in to their virtual world from reality to murder and pillage. If I create a false face then I rob them of the chance to gaze upon my beauty before their slow and agonizing death.

Phoenix761139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Here's some advise mate, go on to YouTube and type in "Fallout 4 e3 presentation". Somewhere within the first ten minutes you'll see the camera switch to the player char face.

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TeamLeaptrade1140d ago

I like options presented here. This game is going to be awesome in the scale alone. I cannot wait to play.