NWR Preview: Samba De Amigo


''I played and really enjoyed the original Dreamcast versions of Samba de Amigo and its Japan-only sequel, Samba 2000. For those readers who never got a chance to play these games (which is probably most of you), here's a primer. Samba is sort of like Dance Dance Revolution for your arms instead of your feet. The screen has a ring of six points, each one corresponding to the high, medium, or low position of your left or right hand. Symbols appear in the center of the ring and fly outwards to one of the position indicators, and when they line up, you shake the controller at that position. Of course, all of this is synchronized with the beat of the music while crazy characters dance through psychedelic settings in the background.

It's pretty strange that the original Samba games are being mixed together and released for Wii eight years later, considering they were such niche games back in the day, but I suppose the market for music games is much bigger now. The Wii version appears to add little to the original formula besides a few more recent songs, but that shouldn't be a problem since most people missed out on this gem the first time it came out. Sega has also confirmed that there will be packs of downloadable songs made available after the game's release, but they aren't talking about the DLC's price, schedule, selection, or SD accessibility just yet.''

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