Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Quiet Uniforms & DD Edits

A couple of videos which look at the Quiet Uniforms and the colour edits you can make to D-Dog once you've increased your bond levels.

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PSIN4MANT1142d ago

Check it out, I'm currently stuck Under the map.

SaveFerris1142d ago

So that's what Boss looks like under the box.

Lucreto1142d ago

Of all the Quiets outfits I like her Gray Fox one the best.

Jaqen_Hghar1142d ago

A user doesn't like boobies? DISLIKE!

FullmetalRoyale1142d ago

Fox...hound... That's what I go with. Reminds me of the old logo they used in MGS1.

Swiggins1142d ago

So....apparently Quiet CAN wear clothes....

PSIN4MANT1142d ago

Whenever she walks away snake be like "MRS PARKER! MRS PARKER!"