The Witness Devs: Workin’ on a New Trailer

Jonathan Blow writes:
"This week we have been working on a new trailer that we hope to release before too long.

It will not only show the game in a further state of visual development than the previous trailer (which is two and a half years old now — wow!), it’ll also show lots of scenes you probably haven’t seen before.

The trailer isn’t done yet, but here are a few stills:..."

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nucky641165d ago

they're working on a new trailer for the game???

at this point,I was thinking they'd be close to releasing the game.

paulogy1165d ago

I'm hoping it's a Launch Trailer :-)

nucky641165d ago

me too! a while back JB said they were done with the game and in the process of going through it and eliminating bugs - I really thought the next thing we'd hear was the game was a release, yea - hoping this will be a launch trailer.

KwietStorm1164d ago

Yea I'm really disappointed that I haven't been able to play this by now, but there's been other games in the meantime. I haven't played anything close to Must in a long time, so I've been looking forward to The Witness since they first showed it.

Relientk771165d ago

I wonder when its releasing

OhMyGandhi1165d ago

I wonder how long the game will be
This game has been in the making for 7 years.

WeAreLegion1164d ago

Please be a launch trailer!!!

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