Fans are demanding the release of “cut” MGS V ending

Earlier this week, it was revealed that a potentially significant chunk of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain story had been left on the cutting room floor. While most were still too early in their play-through of Kojima’s epic to give it much thought in the short-term, many have now finished the main storyline, and are dissatisfied with the end product.

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-Foxtrot1138d ago

"Sure you guys can have it...........but it'll cost you"

Hold_It1138d ago

Can we get story DLC that tells the events that we actualy wanted rather than what we got? The ending was kinda like LOL buy our next game.

-Foxtrot1138d ago

I wonder if that was Kojimas choice or Konamis

Why would Kojima make his last game seem like there will be more.

Personally I'm hoping for a large expansion which will be a remake of Metal Gear where we play as Solid Snake and Big Boss, showing us the side we played and Big Bosses side showing the good side of him.

RJ920091138d ago

He been saying that a long time man... I still think he is trolling us

Null1138d ago

I don't know why you guys are so angry about spoilers. It common sense to not click on an article and read the comments about a game you're interested in.. youre bound to read spoilers like finding out you don't actually play as Big Boss you instead we have a guy who is hypnotized into believing he was big boss. LOL

BeefCurtains1138d ago

Sad thing is, everyone is pissed, and everyone will still buy the DLC end story and Konami will laugh the whole time.

ZombieKiller1137d ago

Bubbles down Null for being an asshole. Nobody said anything about spoilers. You used that as an opening to stealth troll the MGS community and spoil the ending twist. Way to go. Someone delete his comment please? That's not cool.
By the way, I beat the game days ago but for someone who didn't, you should piss off as Nolan North's penguin would say

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-Foxtrot1138d ago

Glad it's not MGS4 then because it would cost a fortune

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ZombieKiller1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I'm such a rabid fan I don't even care at this point. I welcome the DLC on this rare occasion because making the ending DLC is way better than Konami and Kojima breaking up. I fckn foamed at the mouth when this game came out. Put in 70 hours in 4 days. This is the WORST time for this to happen in the Metal Gear timeline. The next sequencial game (without spoiling anything) would have been AMAZING thanks to the timeline....please kiss and make up Konami/Kojima, maybe then Konami will actually have another shot at GOTY...
Personally I think this whole thing sparked because he took too long with development on this game before they really knew the sales they were gonna make on the title. That's a big risk for Konami but I understand Kojima's point of view...trying to make the best MGS game EVER is probably a tough thing to do and takes time....especially with his scrutiny.

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shloobmm31138d ago

Ive spent 15 hours and i am 7% its a very filling game and from what i have experienced fans dont have the right to demand anything. Why gamers started demanding and whining about anything and everythinf these days is beyond me but it's embarrassing as a gamer how much of a joke we have become.

Summons751138d ago

I'd agree but from what I hear the mission and story attached really answered a lot of questions and was very inline with Metal Gear normally does. I havent seen it because I'm avoiding spoilers since I haven't beaten the game but it's strange how something so important didn't get in be that Konami pulling more sh** or they couldn't finish it on time.

kaizokuspy1138d ago

This is a special case though. This is the last game from the original creator. We want a fleshed out ending. An answer all to every question. So as the series may continue without its creator for many, this is our last stop. If you had started the series from day 1 until now, you'd feel the same way. It's not entitlement. It's like an author saying this is his last book, but still left somethings unresolved. We want it resolved without having to buy a Konami game.

LifeInNZ1137d ago

Maybe the author in this case has left it as he intended. However, I highly doubt when he was making MGS2 or 3 he was thinking about making MGS5 so who knows what he intends.

DragonDDark1138d ago

The game deserves a 10. I still play it =)

But that's not how you end a series... Especially when it's MGS! The stories in the series are always incredible!
I wont spoil anything but this one didn't cover everything... There's no closure :[
It does seem like something is missing.

SourtreeDing1138d ago


i agree, its gettig real annoying let the publishers do ther work. im sure it takes alot of work to put out games like this... and the end of the day ppl are always criticizing
every little thing.. gamers always wanna put ther opinions down and think we are always entitled to more..

we are becoming real selfish .

EazyC1138d ago

MGS games have a legendary legacy to live up to, with a highly protective and defensive fan base.

Allsystemgamer1138d ago

It's supposed to be the explanation of big bosses descent into being a demon. They cut the most vital part of the game due to konami saying NOPE release date is sept 1st too bad. Land the ending we got isn't even really an ending.

TXIDarkAvenger1138d ago

Just wait until you reach the ending and then you will see why.

Hold_It1138d ago

Beat the game and quit defending it. No one said the game was pure and utter garbage. The attention to detail is astounding, it really is. It is an amazing game story aside, but myself and most people that play MGS play the game for the story, and in that department it has failed. You will see when you beat the game and get the "true ending". I won't be a dick and spoil it, but it's pretty bad.

formanbradley1137d ago

Complaining about CUT content? Is that even complaining? It's more like asking for what we paid for... a fitting conclusion to a 28 year-old franchise beloved by many.

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DEEBO1138d ago

This is game of the year!

Maybe they are trying to keep it open for more MGS games down the line.

Quiet is the best buddy ever!well after the fact she tried to kill BB in his hospital bed.

WitWolfy1138d ago

It isnt really a spoiler... you can clearly see its her in the prologue.

gif1138d ago

'Maybe they are trying to keep it open for more MGS games down the line'

Why would KONAMI cares lol.

hirobrotagonist1138d ago


Go eff yourself. Thanks for the spoilers

RJ920091138d ago

Rule of thumb don't go on n4g or any website in that manner if you don't want spoilers man lol. You cant trust people on the web so you just set your self up.

feraldrgn1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

To be fair I wouldn't call it spoilers, it's within the 1st few minutes of starting the game, you clearly see a face.
It also wouldn't be spoilers if you didn't know who the character is, which isn't possible if you've already been reading spoilers.

dragon821138d ago

You see here in the first five minutes of the game. How the hell is that a spoiler?

garrettbobbyferguson1138d ago

It's a spoiler because that character has been previewed as an ally.

dragon821138d ago

It's literally one of the first things you see in the game. Just stop.

1138d ago
DEEBO1138d ago

What is in the beginning of the game man.

formanbradley1137d ago

For real... why not just spoil the entire hospital scene because it happens in "the first hour". People just don't get it... going into something completely blind is usually the most rewarding experience.

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hirobrotagonist1138d ago

I've worked in the game industry for more than 10 years, I know all about spoilers. Still pisses me off when people drop them for no reason.

Immorals1138d ago

Meh people get pissy with me when I talked about game of thrones. The last book came out 4 years ago ffs

Allsystemgamer1138d ago

Some people haven't read the books. Just be respectful of people.

Immorals1138d ago


The show dropped the book ages ago, but it meant I got told off by passers by when I was talking to a friend walking to the pub.

I make a point not to spoil anything purposefully, but there are limits.