Screenshot Saturday – Final Fantasy VII cutting edge to happy memories

TB writes: As has been proven so many times in the history of video games, technology rarely determines the longevity of a game’s popularity. Huge hits might make a splash for a year or so only to be swept away in the face of something even bigger or shinier. A generation of fickle gamers have made this the norm nowadays, so much so that many would-be classics can’t find their footing long enough to make that strong emotional connection games used to make.

This is the result of a general atmosphere in which the rush to play the next big game dominates all. New hits every week make it impossible to just stop and run through a favorite a few times.

I mention this because the video game world’s erratic relationship with Final Fantasy VII has come back into play recently thanks to the announcement of a remake. If ever there was a game-changer which challenged everything we thought we knew about video games, it was this gargantuan hit in 1996. Final Fantasy VII changed how we looked at graphics. It challenged plots in video games, launched JRPGs into the mainstream for a few years, and many rode its coat-tails well into the following generation.

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bouzebbal1164d ago

That Wutai thumbnail almost made me shed a tear :)

Pozzle1163d ago

I forgot how gorgeous that place was until I saw the thumbnail.

FFVII's graphics might be outdated by today's standards, but some of the pre-rendered backgrounds are still quite pretty.

bouzebbal1163d ago

like all Squaresoft games from that time. Parasite Eve 2 was mindblowing. still looking hot today