Guilt, Shame, And Quiet: Women In 'Metal Gear Solid'

Forbes: Everyone’s afraid of Quiet. When she arrives on Mother Base in the early parts of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, soldiers glare at her unfamiliar face, suspecting the sniper who’d tried to kill their leader shouldn’t be trusted. And she is different, nearly naked in ripped nylons, a thong, bikini top, and burdened with a giant sniper rifle. In nearly every scene she’s in, the camera roams over her torso, breasts, and buttocks before its operator remembers she has a face.

As often happens with jarringly anatomical women in videogames, Quiet’s sexualization doesn’t seem to be acknowledged by anyone in the game world. She has no expressed libido, nor do any of the game’s bumblingly inelegant men. The closest thing to erotics come in the small gestures of homoerotic kink that appear between Big Boss and his conscripts. When you approach one from behind and put him in a chokehold for interrogation, he might thank you and ask to be choked harder.

In 2013, Hideo Kojima said he designed Quiet “as an antithesis to the [way] women characters appeared in the past fighting game who are excessively exposed.” He argued Quiet fits into the game’s larger theme about “misunderstanding, prejudice, hatred, conflict caused by the difference of language, race, custom, culture, and preference.” In the best light, Kojima has consciously chosen to make Quiet a symbol of sexuality, even as she doesn’t seem to have any of her own. All as a way of showing how superficial people’s response’s to hollow signifiers can be, jumping at the sight of potentially offensive material and using it as a sawhorse for negating both the work and the person who made it.

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DasTier1138d ago

Eurgh... So what? Why is it suddenly considered normal to attempt to censor a game designers choice on the game that THEY make?

If it really bothers you go mod it or make your own F***ing game...

ArchangelMike1138d ago

What an overly self indulgent prententious article. For goodness sake - games are not meant to be psycho-analysed to the point of absurdity. Take a break, and while you're at it spark one up and chill bro. You are taking this whole thing way, way waaay, too seriously. The article read like a doctorate on 'the male psychology of the female form' - which can all be summed up very simply...

Men generally find the female body sexually appealing. Kojima knows this and designed Quiet to reflect that. End of phycho-analysis. Did I pass?

Spotie1138d ago

Yeah, this is getting out of control.

iceman061138d ago

I agree that this author is quite pretentious. But, I also think that he takes a rather circuitous route to trying to explain to the uninformed or unwilling masses what Quiet represents in the game. That paradox of overt sexuality (which is what you alluded to) combined with the infection is interesting in that it seems that Kojima was indeed very aware of how she would be received by the masses. They (being the media) would want to do what was initially done to her in the game....lock her up...hide her away to keep everybody "safe".
As I said in agreeing with you, the author (and article) is overly expository and pompous. But, at least there is an attempt to see beyond the initial layer of her being in the game JUST as a sexual target.

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