Japanese Singer GACKT Plays Batman Arkham Origins, Is Amazed By The Graphics

In this episode of Game Center, Japanese singer GACKT has been challenged to play Batman Arkham Origins. Surprisingly, the rock star doesn't like Batman (he prefers heroes like Picollo from DBZ) and after a brief debate about the super hero's choice of costume, he spends the rest of the video being amazed by Batman's "swooshy" cape.

This episode was first played in April, but has only recently been translated into English.

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phoenixwing1138d ago

how can you play with sunglasses on.

Mike041138d ago

i guess the OP is so madly inlove with this guy that no one in N4G care about..lmao

Maxor1138d ago

This is from N4G.

Tiqila1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

who is submitting all those "japanese singer GACKT is playing XY" "articles"? Could not care less for what some japanese singer is doing in his free time...

pasta_spice1138d ago

I hate to point out the obvious..but if you don't like an article then don't click on it.

Tiqila1138d ago

This is not what I consider gaming news. It's an opinion of someone completely irrelevant to the gaming industry. Therefore I see no reason not to ask what this pointless article is doing on n4g (and why there are so many recently). Maybe I am wrong and GACKT is super relevant...

I only know he is a japanese singer who casually plays video games and comments on them and that there is someone very interested in what he is saying, who thinks that others care too, and hence submits an article on everything this japanese singer says about certain video games.

Tzuno1138d ago

He should play PC version to be amazed further, cough.

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