Is There Anything More to ‘Senran Kagura 2’ Than Big, Bouncing Cartoon Breasts?

The short answer is no, but that's not much of an article now, is it? So here are some more words.

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SaveFerris1141d ago

I like the big, bouncing cartoon breasts in this game.

Takwin1140d ago

I like all sorts of big bouncing breasts.

Except on really fat people. (men included)

bOObies1141d ago

Screw the person who wrote this.. He writes and talks like a D-bag. Why would you review a game you know you hate

Sonyslave31141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

He ask a legit question is their anything more 2 this game beside the big 3d cartoon breast and the answer is hell no and this coming from a huge anime fan.

This game is one big fan service for the sexual imparied Otaku which I hate because is give us anime fan a bad rep.

DarkBlood1141d ago

but then your generalizing the entire anime fan base into one category which we all know is a lie.

wheresmymonkey1140d ago

There is actually. there's some decent character archs the combat's actually pretty good. the game has quite a bit going for it. the problem is that the overt sexualisation of its characters is going to put alot of people off.

Spotie1140d ago

YOU make people look bad in general, Sonyslave. Generalizing anime fans while claiming to be one, continually trolling all around the site. Not really seeing where you have the right to call anybody out.

Yes, there's more to Senran Kagura 2 than big bouncing cartoon breasts. But if that's all you're looking for, of course everything else is going to be nothing more than peripheral.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1139d ago

except Senran Kagura was created as a franchise because
of 3DS 3D feature not anime.

To make virtual boob come to life but while that was the main idea it wasn't the main goal.

Senran Kagura as far as the main games have dark and serious story and character development.

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fsdgf1140d ago

Because that's the point of a review, to say what you think about a game, regardless of whether or not it's positive

MegaRay1140d ago

Calm your tits down (pun intended) xP

Ashlen1140d ago

If you don't like it don't buy it. Let the people who do enjoy it in peace.

Erogemaster21138d ago

Yes and spread that semen around like herpes.

FallenAngel19841140d ago

For many gamers that's all you really need in a game

masterfox1140d ago

I don't see any issue here, moving on...

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