"Metal Gear Solid V is the most polarizing entry in the series" | VGS

TheArabGamer writes: "Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear Solid game is the most polarizing entry into the series yet. On one hand its evolved gameplay mechanics has made it the most polished action game I’ve played while its storyline lacks the appeal that made the series so memorable in the first place. It’s not perfect but it's certainly Kojima’s finest work."

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BattleAxe1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

""Metal Gear Solid V is the most polarizing entry in the series""

One look at all of the review scores says otherwise. Either that or this site(VGS) doesn't understand the meaning of "polarizing".

Xman2K1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

I think a lot of people didn't really play Peace Walker and jumped straight to V. peace Walker was a perfect balance of updated MGS gameplay( although Phantom pain wins hands down in that category) and story. To fully grasp MGS V style of game, you shoulda played peace walker and gave it time, while everyone else was on it, so you could've enjoyed the awesome co op . The point was to feel like Big Boss. As with the story, I don't believe this is the end

scark921234d ago

Exactly! Peace Walker set this up alot!

Scrafty3691233d ago

I think by "polarizing" the site means the reviewers are divided about the overall experience (particularly in regards to the story), rather than whether it's mechanically a high-quality video game (with which not many people disagree).

ChronoJoe1233d ago

In terms of user reviews it's also currently sitting on 9.9 on imdb.

Yes... polarizing...

On metacritic it's at 8.7 for user scores... but so is MGS IV. On XBOX ONE the user score is 7.5... that's why metacritic is terrible for user reviews. It's the first place fanboys show up to vent their hate. Not sure what with, it's a multiplatform game, but they always find a reason to hate! Some of them are probably still pissed MGS isn't PS4 exclusive to be honest.

Artemidorus1233d ago

I have played most MGS games but the last one I owned were MGS 1 on the Playstation and jumped to MGS 5 on the Playstation 4. It's a massive difference for me.

I enjoy MGS 5 being open and things to do but it doesn't have the story of MGS 1 where it felt better.

Movie like group characters and eliminating them one by one but on this new one it's about building up to a moment.

Still worth owning just doesn't have the magic like previous MGS titles

Pintheshadows1233d ago

I really really like it. I really like all the MGS games really.

I always end up forgetting how excellent they are as there is usually a large gap between me playing them. They always feel refreshing. 1, 2, 3, 4, Peacewalker, and now 5 are all exceptional games.