Five changes we'd like to see in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Gamezone: "Change is coming, even if we don't want it. Since that's the case, we might as well look at some changes that would be welcome in Final Fantasy 7 Remake."

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Bhuahahaha1136d ago

i do hope they add some of the turks POV gameplay

Irishguy951136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

For me

1: New combat system, I like action combat systems more than turn based, i've always found the combat to the be the only thing that wasn't up the quality of the rest of the game like its story, music etc.

2: Retain and update all minigames and 'side' gameplay mechanics. But update them.

3: Standard upgrades, graphics, sound etc
4: Translations, get the original translations right

Basically, upgrade the game to a worthwhile remake and not just port it with better graphics. SE can get ****ed if they think I will pay full price for nothing but a graphics upgrade.

Likewise with the other companies and their overly expensive remasters

ninsigma1136d ago

The combat suited the game at the time and the material mechanic was awesome. But yes I don't want to see this become just a graphics overhaul. It would be pointless if that was the case but I don't think it will just be that. Even if it's still turn based I'm pretty sure the game is going to majorly different. Hoping to see a more action based and fluid combat but its up to nomura, not me.

Irishguy951136d ago

It did suit for sure, the Atb system is fine, its just I personally have more fun playing action RPG's than playing turn based ones. You know?

If I can have FF7 with a combat system that I perceive as superior to the original I would certainly prefer it. Its not 1997 anymore. Action RPG's have come a long *** way. With games like Witcher, souls series, monster hunter etc.

kevnb1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

The game certainly could use better graphics and some polish. The game didn't even use the analog sticks and characters actually looked like a series of triangles...

Pintheshadows1135d ago

I think Cloud could of done a lot of damage simply by using his hair like a rhino's horn.

ninsigma1136d ago

Yup, I get ya. I'm hoping for action RPG too. If they could get the combat to work like advent children that would be incredible.

BitbyDeath1135d ago

Maybe I'm in the minority here but I would love for this to be nothing more than a graphics upgrade. Gameplay is perfect, it all started going downhill with FFX.

Keep turn based, keep summons, keep control of every character, let you make your own character names, that is how every Final Fantasy should be.

ninsigma1135d ago

Don't think you're alone, plenty of people want that but I would hold expectations of it in check. It's a remake so there's going to be loads of changes to the presentation of the game. Don't know what these changes are though but I'm excited for more info!

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ninsigma1136d ago

I don't see the timer thing working. It may be a case where you get to the end of the game and are not strong enough for the last boss, so levelling is required. What if at the level you're at, you can't get high enough in time to fight him before the timer runs ou?? Though I may well be overpowering the boss in my mind.

I like your last point though. Some cool alternatives to exp grinding. I'd like to see that stuff implemented.

jambola1135d ago

I think timers should be kept to specific points in games, like in ff8 where you'd pic a time limit before the first dungeon.

kevnb1136d ago

I would like control over the frequency of the random battles.

Irishguy951136d ago

How about no random battles? I think they said they were gone anyway. You'll be able to see the monsters just like the newer FF's

Pintheshadows1135d ago

That would be a smart move for sure.

kevnb1136d ago

Yea that could work, they were able to do it for chrono trigger...

Irishguy951135d ago

Chrono trigger wasn't the same as Random battles tho

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