A 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership hits a low £18.79

Dealspwn: £18.79 is absolutely crazy for 12 months of Xbox's Live subscription, to put it in short its £1.56 per month. We're not going to see better than that anytime soon. Add to that the upcoming lineup for September's Game with Gold and its quite easy to see how much of a guaranteed winner Xbox owners are onto.

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bf0007779661137d ago

This just reflects the true value of the xbox live membership

fermcr1137d ago


Just grow up.

Immorals1137d ago

Accidentally agreed. I feel dirty. And stupider.

christocolus1137d ago

same here bro.I mistakenly hit the agree button and now i have to leave with that for the rest of my life. lol.

Pogmathoin1137d ago

Wonder how long it takes to be tagged as trolling.

superterabyte1137d ago

He may not be trolling. Perhaps he believes that both consoles' online subscriptions are slightly overpriced.

It may just be poor wording that has seen him branded a troll.

Pogmathoin1137d ago

Yesterday I wondered why someone who said MS should make Minecraft 2 an Win10/X1 exclusive get tagged as trolling instantly......

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user99502791137d ago

if there was some way to work these deals into my auto renewal, i would consider it. however, O'm not going to let my subscription end just to save a negligible amount of cash. i imagine 99% of everyone feels the same way.

ShottyatLaw1137d ago

You don't have to let your sub expire. The subs stack on one another. You can purchase this deal now and it simply adds to your current sub.

Fro_xoxo1137d ago

this is good for me
I'm due to renew

Immorals1137d ago

I'm paying monthly, so I'd be stupid to pass this up.

Just bought rock band and guitar for 50 quid though, happy with that!

gangsta_red1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

I never paid full price for Live membership. Every deal I see I purchase and add to my account.

I only paid full price for the purchase for PS+ and only because it used to be free for PS3 so there was no reason to be a member. So now I'll also be hunting down deals for them too.