Project Cars: Audi R18 at Spa in heavy fog gameplay

TeamVVV writes: "We get to grips with the Audi R18 in Project CARS racing at the iconic Spa circuit and take another look at the improved wet weather effects in the recently released 3.0 update.

If controlling a very powerful racing car in the wet wasn't enough of a challenge we've also introduced heavy fog in to the equation for that extra degree of difficulty."

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Imortus_san1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Just wasted 2h of my live playing Project Cars on PS4 this weekend, what a crap game, it lacks presentation, menus are WTF, only 65 cars wtf, in those 65 cars you have a very small number of "normal" cars, you enter the championships and cant chose the car you want because they are fixed, driving Karts in so freaking bad and the camera is the worst ever in any driving game I played, driving the super fast cars is also bad as they tend to lock directions while keeping the pedal to the metal, in all modes the arms animations is to clunky, the grafics is are also weak, the only good thing are the colissions and the sound.

This game should have been release at €30 max, major desapointment in this game, probably the worst racer this gen.

Knushwood Butt1164d ago

Realism? Heavy fog = red flag.