Top Five Sex Scenes In Video Games

Romance could be messy complicated, confusing, depressing and exciting. In video games rarely do developers get it right, attempting to bridge those feelings of uncertainly and desire from the character to the player. Whether it’s wondering if Cloud and Tifa will finally have their happy ending or seeing Hawke admitting his feelings for Anders, however the result is sometimes what encourages gamers to try multiple combinations.

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RespectA1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

How'd they forget about Trevor's introduction?

Vednor1137d ago

haha yeah! But that could come among to top weird sex senses in video games.

thekhurg1137d ago

What I want to know is how the Witcher 2 & Witcher 3 sex scenes didn't hold the entire top 5 list...

rextraordinaire1137d ago

Shadow Hearts: Covenant's man festival.

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