NWR Review: My Spanish Coach


''Learning tools that better your knowledge of the world, electronic or not, aren't even part of the video game genre; still, packaging them in the form of a DS game isn't a bad thing. If you're studying Spanish, My Spanish Coach will likely be invaluable to your endeavor.

This game is a language learning tool - a coach – so expecting anything more than coaching would be silly. As soon as you turn on the game, the aura is that of "you're here to learn". You're immediately treated to a generic Spanish-styled song that doesn't change throughout the game, although it is not at all unpleasant. However, there are no awesome graphics or animations; instead, you're subject to dull colors and a female Spanish coach who I call "Sensei No-Name" (yes, I do understand that this is a Spanish game, not Japanese, but she could at least introduce herself).''

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