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Until Dawn may well be soon become one of the PS4’s hidden gems.

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luckytrouble1138d ago

Hidden gems don't get talked about as much as Until Dawn. The reason a hidden gem is hidden is because of the fact that it didn't get proper coverage for as many people as possible to learn about it.

KrystofKage11138d ago

Until Dawn was talked about. Not as much as any other Sony exclusive, but it didn't come out of nowhere. The past month alone they had multiple trailers released building up to it.

I do agree though that Sony didn't advertise it as much as it deserves. I think being a new IP being released a week before a behemoth like MGS gave them jitters.

That being said, feedback so far from gamer is this game is great! I'm halfway through and I love it so far.

SolidGear31138d ago

I went to two WalMart and three GameStop's before I found one copy to buy on Thursday. I was told that as soon as they come in that they're gone. It's crazy. Never hunted for a game like that before.

OB1Biker1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Yea I wonder if there were enough copies. I couldnt see it in Game for whatever reason

b3ast1138d ago

I'm a bit annoyed at Gamestop I went down in the afternoon to get a copy and it wasn't on the shelf... And then I went to the desk "have you got Until Dawn? I asked, oh yeah we just haven't got it on the shelf yet.... I mean wtf its like this game means crap to them, or just ms fan boys in a shop I don't know but I won't go there again.

uth111137d ago

@b3ast - the GameStop I went to had Until Dawn boxes all over the shelves and also place promeniently at the front counter. But when I asked for a copy they said they only had reserved copies

IamTylerDurden11137d ago

Sony needs to print more copies, i had trouble finding 1, but eventually i did. They don't want to miss out on sales like they did when the PS4 1st released.

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ameliabaz1138d ago

I'd say it counts as a hidden gem because most people who walk into a game store probably havent heard of it. It's easy for us to say it's getting good coverage because we're on game sites like N4G all the time. But I doubt the average everyday gamer has heard of it or knows what its about.

VsAssassin1138d ago

I don't think this game is a hidden gem. It's a gem alright, but through word of mouth and awesome reviews, this game has reached a status all its own. I can't wait for Supermassive's next game!

ClayRules20121137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Until Dawn "In my opinion" is Bloody fantastic/A gem/Masterpiece!

I've never been so scared playing a video game like I was with Until Dawn. I feared for all their lives & was so scared to continue playing it, knowning death was just around the corner. But I finished it last night & am still in shock.

I believed Until Dawn would be a success, and it most certainly has done well.

Much Love & Respect to Supermassive Games for achieving their vision. Same to the amazing cast, who brought Sam, Ashley, Jess, Emily, Mike, Matt, Chris & Josh to life.
Lastly, Sony. Thank you Sony, for believing/Supporting the vision that Supermassive Games had with Until Dawn. Can't wait to see what Supermassive Games creates next.

davemyrose921137d ago

I believe this game will go down as this generations surprise gem, alot of ppl criticised this game before it came out, and now its def a goty contender this game is a blast beat it twice

IamTylerDurden11137d ago

This game shouldn't of been a surprise, it was in production forever and all hands on demos were exceedingly positive. It appeared as though a certain group didn't want to acknowledge that PS4 had another awesome looking AAA exclusive releasing. I would think Until Dawn should count as part of PS4's 2015 lineup even though it didn't release "holiday" 2015.

Until Dawn is phenomenal whether u consider it a sleeper hit or just a big fat hit.

MasterCornholio1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Well both Bloodborne and Until Dawn count towards the PS4s 2015 lineup. Games get released all year round so I don't see why some people should only focus on the holidays.

Anyways I'm glad that Until Dawn was received well.

IamTylerDurden11137d ago

I agree, Bloodborne, Rapture , GoW 3 Re, Galak-Z, The Order, Helldivers, Until Dawn, Volume, Hotline 2, J-Stars, N++, Journey, and Axiom Verge were part of PS4's 2015 lineup thus far. All great exclusive/console exclusives, not bad huh?

PS4 has certainly delivered the games this year, i do appreciate having awesome games to play all year.

Until Dawn is terrific, Super Massive Games is developing for Morpheus as well.

MasterCornholio1137d ago

Agreed with what you said. Also all those games that you mentioned can probably be bought at a reduced price during the holidays. Which means that they can still sells systems even at the end of the year.

Overall Sonys 2015 lineup is quite good.