What Mad Max does right

MWEB GameZone writes: "We're surprised by the low to medium scores Max is getting. There are numerous criticisms to throw at it, but none are game-breaking or detract that this is an incredible game. It’s one to lose yourself in, that appeals to the plot-less ridiculousness that we love looking at in Fury Road.

Here's what Mad Max does better than many open world games."

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slappy5081165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

looks like one of those criminally underrated games by the media, just by comparing it to the user scores and experiences. good to hear as I bought it but haven't played it yet, as I got MGS V on the same day and still playing through that!!

fanboysmackdown1165d ago

Same here....bought it and haven't tried it yet and this article has me more stoked to play now.

KTF261165d ago

"I’m surprised by the low to medium scores Max is getting."
you're not alone
apparently the vast majority of the gaming community agree with you

Razputin1165d ago

I am more than sure most of those reviewers played the game for about an hour or so, saw its faults and wrote their review.

This game borrows from nearly every game out there, its 2015 what else is there to do honestly.

But the games it does borrow from, are fantastic titles.
Batman Arkham series a bit, and a touch of Shadow of Mordor.

A huge map, amazing graphics, great game play, small learning curve, and a lot of "filler" extras. Repetitive, but in reality, what game isn't today.

I do honestly feel that these review outlets rather crap on games and rant about their faults to get clicks. Instead of focusing on what games do well and get right.

fsdgf1165d ago

I really hope the scores don't make WB cancel any plans for a sequel. This game is an absolute blast, and with more vehicle options, more mission variety and a more robust combat system, it could be one hell of a franchise.

RedDeadLB1165d ago

Got it yesterday and I must say it's just one of those games you can't really stop playing. Something is always happening, it grips you tight and you just can't seem to stop.

Absolutely gorgeous, running wonderfully, combat is brutal and heavy and everything vehicle related is simply balls to the walls insane. I LOVE IT.

2cents1165d ago

I have to agree, I'm in love with this game. Just on a break, time to go back :)

Highly recommend this game!

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