Thought process behind Digital distribution

The Career Gamer:

''As of today it shouldn't be any real surprise that Digital Distribution of games, movies and television series will consume the thought process of a good majority of consumers regarding how they purchase their entertainment. A likely question one would ask would be; will it replace the traditional brick and mortar retail chains that many of us are so accustomed to? Eventually yes, but I strongly believe we're simply jumping the gun much too quickly and if not careful the entire endeavor could likely take much longer than anticipated to be fully embraced. I won't be naive and say that it will fail or never come to pass, because digital distribution is essentially inevitable, and it is currently on-going.

Ever since Microsoft and HD-DVD lost the battle against blu-ray they had returned to their foundation stating that online is the way to go and even having execs proclaiming that physical media would give way to digital downloads within the next three years. I beg to differ and here's one reason why, just recently SCEA released Siren: Blood Curse, the highly anticipated game for horror fans worldwide over the PSN network. Although it wasn't a first for Sony, having released Warhawk and Grand Turismo 5 Prologue in the same manner, it was indeed an interesting experiment undertaken by SCEA to seriously test the waters of delivering a full-length game, larger in scale than a majority of games currently available on the PSN store. The caveat here is that Siren: Blood Curse won't receive a hard copy Blu-ray version in North America, whereas Warhawk and GT5 Prologue did.''

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Real Gambler4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Yes it will come, but it's not around the corner for sure.

And the author forgot one little thing: I bought Warhawk and GT and if I ever get tired of them (which is not the case yet), I will be able to sell them back since it's a physical product. Even if I get just $5 for it, that's more money in my pocket than a download can do. Even better, I can lend or trade my physical copy with friends, not my downloads.

Only drawback? Having to stand up and switch the physical game, while a download start right away.

Bell Boy4324d ago

Small games are absolutely great to download such as high velocity bowling, but when i pay the big bucks i always want the full product.

I guess thats why i'm becoming annoyed at all the extras I'm expected to purchase for my full experience when in reality it used to be included, such as costumes and weapons