New Star Fox Zero screenshots

Nintendo has released new screenshots from Star Fox Zero.

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R00bot1165d ago

Looks pretty good, however there is just something about all the grass textures that I find severely off putting.

Metallox1165d ago

It doesn't look very good, sorry.

Shnazzyone1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

I find that knowing Platinum is making this make me not care about how the grass looks in one level.

LOL_WUT1164d ago

You're kidding right? Even that new Skylanders game has better textures. Nintendo just doesn't get it ;)

RPGrinder1164d ago

I see by that face at the end you are probably trolling as a joke lol

fanboysmackdown1165d ago

yeah looks great......if it were a Gamecube title.

iplay1up21165d ago

Nintendo has surprised me in the past when I have been in doubt, so I am going to wait and see.

My main concern is the motion controls. It just seems awkward. I know you do not have to use them though, thankfully.

wonderfulmonkeyman1165d ago

Get over the damned graphics already.

fanboysmackdown1165d ago

Why???, the game looks like ass. Only you fanboys defend it and the rest of us see what it really is.

wonderfulmonkeyman1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Because only specs warriors and fantards rate a game's quality by it's graphics.
If you're neither of those things, then you'll hold your tongue until you can come up with a complaint about the game that ACTUALLY MATTERS, instead of downplaying it for stupid reasons, like every other hater out there.

Sheed1165d ago

This is probably the only first party game on the wii u that i'm not impressed with.
Assault wasn't perfect but, it was moving the series in an interesting direction.
Now we are reverted back to 64 once again.
Their are actually now more starfox 64 games than original games in the series.
Starfox SNES, 64, 643DS and ZERO are essentially the same game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1165d ago

Because the other games had a gyrocopter and the ability to change between Arwing and Raptor.
It's the N64 aaaaaaalllllll over again...*eye roll*

Sheed1165d ago

No, because this game was called a "reimagining" of starfox 64 by miyamoto

wonderfulmonkeyman1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

And a reimagining is suddenly a horrible thing when it adds so many new things?

How many other developers have been doing the same thing that this game is being accused of lately with their own IP's, without receiving any complaint about it?

We don't know the full storyline behind this reimagining yet; for all we know, we might run into a case where Fox's father is alive at the end, or where it lends itself to a sequel through the ending events.

Being a reimagining doesn't make this bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.