Handheld Mediocrity

Laurance Honkoski:

''While the Nintendo DS and Sony's PSP are successful handheld systems (more so the DS than the PSP), I can't help but think of how the whole hand-held scene is floating around in a sea of mediocrity and lacking any real real ambition. Sure there are many great titles for each respective system, but compared to the amount of games that are available in general I find it disappointing.

The other day I was playing God of War: Chains of Olympus - which happens to be the catalyst of my thoughts - and I realized it was more of a chore than actual fun. Now, I should note that I am a big fan of the series as I have played through both PS2 versions several times often defending my love for the Ghost of Sparta. The game looks nice and controls very well, but all the fans/critics who say that the PSP version still delivers the epic feel of its home console counterparts are simply off their rocker. Playing a game on my wide-screen television and playing a game on my PSP is like night and day; so why aren't the games? Why do we want portable gaming to emulate the same exact thing that a home console gives us?''

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