Metal Gear Online 3 Official Tournaments and Region Free Servers Confirmed

According to the Official MGSV FAQ, the new Metal Gear Online 3 (Don't get confused with FOB! This is a brand new DLC mode from MGSV:TPP coming on Oct 6th for consoles and Jan 2016 for PC.) will have official tournaments in the future.

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PhoenixUp1142d ago

Oh god this is going to be the best stealth online game for years. No more Konami IDs!

nick3091141d ago

thanks for this , finally no need to get 2 copies to play with ppl

Mega_Volnutt1141d ago

I hope this MGO won't get the ddos attacks that plagued MGO back in 2008. I couldn't even play 10 matches from how horrible it was.

Last_Boss1141d ago

Game mode was good, but the cheating was unreal.

RJ920091141d ago

I hope they fix the online by the time mgo is out!!

Featuring_Dante1141d ago

Pls dont be a modern online shooter. Pls retain your identity. PLEASE!!!
MGO2 was the only online game i truly enjoyed and loved. After it was shutdown i didnt play online that much more.

Last_Boss1141d ago

I loved it too, but foun comfort in Uncharted 2.