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"These days, local coop games are becoming harder and harder to find. The integration of online multiplayer has turned the industry in the complete opposite direction by making the game mode redundant. Why would I want to play games at your house when I can do the same thing at mine and talk to you through Skype? Zombie Vikings, developed by Zoink Games, answers this question fairly simply: Because it’s damn fun. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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IamTylerDurden11165d ago

This is the worst review of Zombie Vikings i've seen, the majority of reviews are giving it an 8/10.

Zombie Vikings is obviously a very good game with a very long campaign, sp, mp, and local/online 4 player co op. It has a Platinum and is getting a physical release, it's a legit game. Ppl are FOOLISH for ignoring this awesome game, enjoy your 2 hrs of climbing beanstalks...

IamTylerDurden11165d ago

My only dilemma is whether to buy it 30% offf on PSN or wait 2 wks for the Ragnorak edition which includes a physical copy, the making of, and a frost viking character as well as Ray from Stick it to the Man.