Most Overlooked Wii U Games - Part Three

SPC writes, "SuperPhillip Central continues its look at the wondrous world of overlooked games with Part Three of the Most Overlooked Wii U Games. Despite being a poor seller in the grand scheme of things, the Wii U library is full of plenty of variety. Some titles do well, while some do not. This series of articles talks about the latter."

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ShaunCameron1137d ago

I only own Resident Evil: Revelations from the 3-part list.

Masterofwiiu3ds1137d ago

If I were making this list, I'd add Unepic. Loved that game.

jholden32491136d ago

Most overlooked, under rated Wii U games

1) Rayman Legends
2) Wii Sports Club GOLF (just the golf, it's SIM-perfection)
3) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
4) Splinter Cell Blacklist
5) Sonic Racing Transformed

And the most overlooked, under rated indie game, would be Armillo.

superchiller1136d ago

Rayman, Splinter Cell, and Sonic Racing Transformed are all available/better on other platforms, you need to rethink your list. Try to think of games on the Wii U that aren't available anywhere else.

marloc_x1136d ago


Rayman Wii U edged out the PS4 version Meta score.

..just sayin😉

Errefus1136d ago

Best Wii u games/overrated and overlooked.

-Deus Ex: Human Revolution
-Zombi U
-Splinter Cell
-Need for Speed
-DK tf
-Hyrule Warrios

AKR1136d ago

Glad to see someone remembered NFS. I put almost 80 hours into it; awesome racing title, only eclipsed by MK8. Had Slightly Mad not pulled an EA, maybe pCARS would've been better.