2K Games Show off ‘Ronda Rousey’ in WWE 2K16

Pro wrestling and MMA fans alike were subject to a hell of a tease earlier, when 2K Games released a screenshot appearing to show off UFC champ ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey in the upcoming WWE 2K16.

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InMyOpinion1136d ago

Did a fan make this? It doesn't look anything like her.

TeamLeaptrade1135d ago

Supposedly this was just a created wrestler and not actually one of Ronda Rousey. It says so in the article that it's just a preview of the divas caw.

I wouldn't doubt that they add her to the game. It makes sense especially with her being so popular and he guest appearing on Wrestlemania.

5yb5n6u1136d ago

if rowdy make it official and not caw, they probavbly going to give her 79 rating and the bellas' 82