Play MotorStorm Pacific Rift this month

Fancy getting your hands on MotorStorm Pacific Rift two months early? Well you're in luck! Sony has announced that the brutal off-road racer will be touring across the UK throughout August and September.

Here's the full tour schedule:

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stormymctard3820d ago

holy crap i forgot about this game haha they better release a demo like last one

ash_divine3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I've been hyped for this game since it was announced. there's no way I could forget about this one.

stormymctard3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

it had slipped my mind then i just had it sparked back in my head but wow i did not know it was coming in two months

why do i get a disagree

Milky3820d ago

Must remember: blue water 13-14 september.

Vip3r3820d ago

So by "UK" it means England. :/

Doppy3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

This is BS I thought we were getting a Qore demo. Well at least October isn't that far away.

MaximusPrime3820d ago

and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Leg-End3820d ago

yanks really can be thick lol

Vip3r3819d ago

I did read the schedule and all the places it's at are in England.

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Viktor E3820d ago

Has made titles such as MotorStorm(and many others) a possibility only on the Playstation Platform

Mr PS33820d ago

Its at the Leeds festival
Will be there on the friday to see METALLICA
So For sure gonna check this out
Not bad for a day out
Tenacious D

And now a PS3 exclusive thrown in there

Death Magnetic

thor3820d ago

I am going to reading festival not leeds :(

Mr PS33820d ago

You aint gonna get to play Motorstorm 2
Who you Looking forward to seeing ?
It Better be MetallicA !!!!
Best Band you'll see all weekend

thor3820d ago

Yeah metallica, rage, pendulum :) will be great :D

highps33820d ago

But given the price of gas and our economy is it really neccesary to drive around the US a big old RV to let us play a game?

Why not release a demo, let everyone play, and save the planet!

Do these tours actually do anything? Seems like a waste.

Real Gambler3820d ago

In those RVs, you don't play a demo, but pretty much what they have done up to that point. So you can probably try more tracks, more cars, etc. And sure enough, you may end up being recorded, filmed, surveyed, etc, so more input than from any demo.

Would drive 100 miles if one would get that close to me...

kraven3820d ago

So do you think they will be showing more than just a demo?

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