Xbox One’s Beautiful Lunar White Controller: Get a Better Look with Video and Pictures Aplenty

The GameStop exclusive Lunar White controller for Xbox One is up for pre-order, and with the new page we get new assets to get a better look on this thing of beauty.

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FlexLuger1143d ago

whoa....wait....*adds to shopping list*...very nice :)

Abriael1143d ago

It is lovely. I just have a soft spot for white hardware.

FlexLuger1143d ago

I never did get the SSOD controller so this will more than make up for it. Love the details, like the gold accents, the color key in between the buttons and the gold details . And those grips on the underside are a nice touch. A really classy looking controller. MS been killing it with the special editions..and my wallet. I have bought more controllers this year than any other:

Midnight forces edition

Covert forces edition

Titanfall edition ( bought it a whole year before I even had an XB1)

Forza edition (pre ordered from MS store)

Elite controller( pre ordered of MS store)

Halo 5 lock edition - pre ordered from GAME with what will be my first and probably only disc based XB1 game. Its a sweet deal;

And now this one. Lucky for me, gamestop do international shipping.

Crazy thing is I wont use them. The elite will become my main controller. These are just for collecting.

1142d ago
raggy-rocket1143d ago

Looks amazing. But I'm getting the Master Chief controller, along with my day one controller and MAYBE the Locke one. If I get Locke AND Master Chief controllers, I expect to keep and use them until the end of the gen

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Toiletsteak1143d ago

That is really nice but i think i am going to save and buy the Elite controller.

1143d ago
maniacmayhem1143d ago

Sexy, something about these other color controllers that just makes me want to buy all of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.