MGS:V Hideo is teaching us to stay clean - litarally

MGS 5 is so huge that it hides many secrets within its bowels.
We manage to find one, a really hillarious easter egg.
Ever wondered why there are showers on each deck of Mother Base?
All I can tell is that this is a stinky case.

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KurtRussell1163d ago

Hideo this, Hideo that. Hideous fanboyism

BEASELY1163d ago

I felt like it was almost a hidden messaging conveying to the crazies like me "hey, I know this game is awesome, but don't roll out of bed after passing out at 4 in the morning from your last session and keep playing. Go take a shower and come back."

Any gamers like myself get these big releases and accumulate a bit of grease after long sessions. Those showering parts actually made me say "hey, it's 1pm... I better shower too, lol."