This is what the Battlefield 4 night map looks like with all lights destroyed

The new Battlefield 4 night map is spooky as hell without any lights.

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ramiuk11165d ago

wanting to play it but dont want to have to buy with many new games just round corner

The_KELRaTH1165d ago

Dice should just recreate another BF Strike Force. it had loads of night maps and character kit to make use of it.

The_KELRaTH1165d ago

Ooops... I meant Special Forces not Strike Force!

Koopdogg1165d ago

Oh man oh man ,forgot completely about that expansion pack, i loved BF:SF

AnotherProGamer1165d ago

you know you can just edit your own post, just saying

The_KELRaTH1165d ago

I'd just run out of time unfortunately!

user99502791165d ago

i want metro at night with the power out. wud b srsly epic.

CertifiedGamer1165d ago

I like night maps but Dice doesn't let lights get destroyed. EA is turning Battlefield more like Call Of Duty everyday by taking away destruction. Dice need to start making everything destructable.

meche3341165d ago

bring on that cloud physics

sAVAge_bEaST1165d ago

? You can shoot out Lights, I did this the first play through,, It was dark as a Mug.

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