Smash Bros champion is “burned out”, won’t participate in upcoming tournament

The best Super Smash Bros player in the world "is burned out" and skipping an upcoming tournament.

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Sonyslave31138d ago

^__^ That the way champ u beaten everybody u deserve 2 retire undefeated.

blackblades1138d ago

He didn't beat everyone, not all the good players attend the tournament. Pretty sure someone could beat him, hell my friend is one of the best he been playing smash from the beginning matter fact that's all he plays. He's one of the unknown players he don't attend tournaments or on you tube. I can say this he did win a local tournament and everyone started talking about him in my city even on the smash boards.

Tsuru1138d ago

Just cause hes a local player in 1 city and "claiming him to be the best" doesnt mean anything. Unless he makes a name for himself then im sorry to say you can't just state "is one of the best"

ChuckTheIceMan1138d ago

Until someone proves it they're just another nobody.

cpayne931138d ago

You have no idea the level of skill the top players have. You can't even be as good as them unless you play with them, your buddy would be completely inexperienced with the metagame at top level.

DarkKaine1138d ago

It doesn't work like that. In smash, there are never upsets. Never does a newbie enter a tournament and just starts wrecking everyone and end up as numero uno. The people that work the hardest will end up being the best.

ChronoJoe1138d ago

In regards to your friend...

If he doesn't attend tournaments then he's probably not the best. You don't adjust to tournament meta and mixups by not going to tournaments, the very way you actually get to the top in the first place is by playing the best players and learning the character matchups as their played at the highest level.

There's no way to do that unless you participate in the competitive community. He might be a very good player with the potential to be one of the best, but that potential will never amount to anything unless he plays with good players.

HammadTheBeast1138d ago

And Ronaldo's not the best soccer player either right, by that logic? There's probably some Brazilian kid out there who's better.

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blackblades1138d ago

Take back what I said he said he wouldn't be able to beat them he actually fought zero online before long time ago. Like I said he is really good but you guys are right he don't have experience in fighting top players but he isn't a noob.

Concertoine1138d ago

He's had some close calls lately.

cpayne931138d ago

Yeah wish Vinnie had beaten him. Amazing set, and I don't even really care for smash 4 much.

Concertoine1138d ago

I wish esam had. Would've been crazy to see a neglected character like pikachu beat the best player with the best character, sheik.

Captain_Wormy1138d ago

With my buddies Snake and Lucas I can take this bozo down without breaking a sweat. 😎

neocores1138d ago

Sure you can. WHy no was had heard of you ahhaha

cpayne931138d ago

Everyone thinks they are good until they go to a tournament. With melee especially, but with smash 4 as well.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1138d ago

I could beat him with my Mario.

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The story is too old to be commented.