Metal Gear Solid V Selling Very Strongly & Pushing PS4 Console Sales, Japanese Store Manager Reports

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is finally out on the shelves worldwide, but how is it doing in Hideo Kojima’s Japanese home turf? According to the store manager of the popular indie store Games Ma-Ya in the Edogawa district of Tokyo, it’s doing great.

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FallenAngel19841142d ago

I can't wait till Famitsu and Media Crate reveal the numbers

nX1142d ago

I'm interested in official MTD numbers as well. Hopefully Kojima Productions is succesful with their last game but unfortunately all that money will go to the greedy and childish publisher behind them.

Featuring_Dante1141d ago

official Mountain Dew numbers?!

BG115791141d ago

Funny thing, this being happening now, you know, after Komani pushing away from consoles because they didn't sell well in Japan and getting rid of Kojima and his team...

NewMonday1141d ago

MGS5 is the first big in Japan franchise to release, hopefully FF15, DQ11 & SF5 will push sales even more.

Sokol1141d ago


I'm positive they will, those games are Japanese oriented and don't forget Persona 5 coming up this December which I'm positive will also sell very well on home turf.

I'm also looking forward to DQ 11 the most. :P

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the-dragons-bane1142d ago

Good. i want the PS4 to do better in japan so it can get even more japanese games!

nX1142d ago

It will, I'm almost sure that console gaming in Japan can be reinvigorated. MGS5 alone could sell a few hundred thousand PS4's.

Eonjay1142d ago

Well good games push consoles I guess.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1142d ago

MGSV is a system seller for PS4, even though the game is available on PC and X1 as well. MGS and PlayStation a very much symbiotic with each other.

showtimefolks1142d ago

Exclusive marketing deals will help sell a lot of ps4's this fall

Up next is destiny taken king bundle

Star wars bundle

2 more possibilities imo

Assassin creed syndicate bundle. Ac bundle last year for Xbox one helped sell a lot of consoles

Call of duty black ops 3 bundle is also a possibility and business wise makes a lot of sense

Even games which are have exclusive marketing dean's with Xbox one will sell more on ps4 like fallout 4

World wide ps4 will take every month of holiday season

In USA I see ps4 winning September on bases of mgs 5 and destiny taken king

November on star wars and black ops 3

If ps4 gets a bundle for assassin creed syndicate than October could be very strong too. Also in October is Uncharted collection

December Sony has Hitman exclusive marketing

isa_scout1142d ago

I agree with everything you said except for October. I think Halo 5 will sell enough consoles to push Xbox One ahead in the month.... Scratch that thought, as it releases on October 27th it's sales wont be seen until November. Hmm, November is going to be very interesting.

showtimefolks1141d ago

I didn't realize halo 5 was cinng that late. October could also go to ps4 with Uncharted collection and assassin creed syndicate(especially if Sony does a assassin creed syndicate bundle)

Halo 3 was the peak for the franchise and since than no halo hame has come close to halo 3 sales or impact

November I don't see ps4 losing. Star wars bundle has already sold out and with exclusive marketing for ps4, it should do quite well

Aldo in November is call of duty black ops 3.

So when causals (parents,grandparents,yearly call of duty fans etc,,,) see the advertisement for call of duty
Star wars
Assassin creed syndicate
Uncharted collection
Destiny taken king

They will see the ps4 logo at the end with some sort of wording involving exclusive content or early content

That's why Sony isn't worried and than early 2016 Sony has exclusive marketing for dues ex man kind divided

Uncharted 4 in march

So ps4 won't be slowing down anytime soon imo

DigitalRaptor1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

I didn't really think Sony had that many marketing deals.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided too? I suspect they going to have Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III as well. 2016 is seriously going to be a landmark year for PS4, especially with Project Morpheus launching there's just going to be so much more content coming to this console to get excited about, and when you take into account the PS4's Q1 lineup, it's going to outsell the XB1 every month again until it possibly won't next holiday season.

I still would not underestimate the sales or impact of a main entry Halo game though dude. Despite selling less with each one, it could still sell close to 10 million by the time it's done and review very well. We could use the same logic with the best-selling Gran Turismo and that the series peak was GT3.

DigitalHope1142d ago

Canada is getting an exclusive NHL16 PS4 bundle as well. Not a big deal to most but it will push consoles here big time.

cpayne931142d ago

Hoping for a good deal on black friday, that will be my day to buy.

BG115791141d ago

I do believe this is not true. The PS4 doesn't really new to exclusive marketing that much to sell well.
MGV isn't an exclusive or has exclusive marketing, yet it seems to be pushing more copies then the PC and Xbone...

Sokol1141d ago

Don't forget Persona 5 this December for PS4, PS3 exclusively. :)

Lots of great games this year.

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