Forza 6 24 player online race- Night race and Prague daytime

1080Players got the chance to participate in a media only online race in Forza Motorsport 6. Here you can see gameplay of Night racing and well as Prague in the day.

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mikeboccher1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

The commentary you hear is the player speaking to other players in the gameplay session,members of the press, as well as personal insights into the gameplay.

Foehammer1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Looks really good...

I like how the tail lights light up the painted lines and the road.

I like the cockpit or hood view vs the 3rd person perspective.

Great lighting

Prefer to see the game with the driving line assist off, but I understand the requirement when you don't know the track layout.

Septic1136d ago

The visuals aren't really that impressive tbh but 24 players online is mad.

LifeInNZ1136d ago

The visuals are an improvement on FM5 but and are solid but are not jaw dropping. However, it plays incredible!

tuglu_pati1136d ago

This game plays great, really smooth although the graphics don't look too hot.

otherZinc1136d ago

GOTY Contender for sure!

PFFT1136d ago

Looks WAY better than Project Cars and Driveclub thats for damn sure!

BootyBandit1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

The rain is excellent in this game. I love how you have to let off the gas going through puddles and feathering the gas once you cleared them. Some of the best effects I have experienced in a racing game.

The visuals are decent and frame rates are silk. My only gripe is wishing Turn 10 would give us wheel users more options and stronger ffb. Forza Horizon 2 has considerably stronger ffb over F6 and 6 is an improvement over Forza 5.

I don't understand why their signature sim racing game is so lacking with forcefeedback. I mean it's not bad but definitely under powered. I'm hoping Turn 10 addresses this in a patch.

Those of you that are wheel users go to their forums and post for changes to ffb. The more of us that do. The better chance we have of them patching it.

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ShinAnarchy1136d ago

Can not wait!! Forza 6 is looking really good!!

spence524901136d ago

Please disable collision online. It's constantly a wreck fast on console racers because of this.

poppinslops1136d ago

Turn 10 have come up with a more elegant solution - players who race rough will be grouped with their uncivilized brethren, while the rest of us can race like we mean it.

user99502791136d ago

so why mention Prague day and not link to it? this is one of the tracks i have actually wanted to get a good look at.

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The story is too old to be commented.