5 Reasons We’re Loving Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

"With the release of the latest grand operatic entry into the Metal Gear series, gaming fans everywhere are rejoicing. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an enormous, action-packed, crazy ride of a game. If you’re still pondering whether you’re interested, check out some of the reasons we’re loving every moment of Metal Gear Solid V."

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franwex1164d ago

The game is a lot of fun! The missions are pretty long too. Well, at least I seem to take a long time doing them. I just HAVE to interrogate every guard for some reason...

Smitty20201164d ago

Sometimes I let him go by mistake :( lol

Smitty20201164d ago

Am really enjoying the game at the min uv played 2 hours so far

TeamLeaptrade1164d ago

It's one big game, that's for sure and there is a ton to do. I haven't gotten to a boss yet, but I suspect I'll be awful, haha.

Great list by the way. I love playing it my way.

Lord_Sloth1164d ago

I kinda miss the heavy storytelling of old but love the gameplay and don't mind listening to the tapes.

RevXM1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

It is awesome!
Im at like 13-14% completion and I love it, the gameplay, the missions the details.

The managing of things is growing on me, it disorienting and a bit tedious to begin with but Im starting to like it. Kind of miss the more lenghty cutscenes. the cutscenes are far between if you do a lot of side ops and shorter than before. still good though.

Also D-Dog is too darn adorable and good to have especially during extraction missions, he finds the skilled soldier or prisoner without me having to look most of the time and puts bad guys on the map before I can see them so I can just sail past them like a smooth breeze.
And The 80's music = Magic...