Amazon adds $50 credit bonus for Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 500GB Bundle

Amazon has added a $50 credit bonus towards the purchase of the Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 500GB Bundle, which is currently priced at $349.00.

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gfk3421164d ago ShowReplies(3)
Thatguy-3101164d ago

That time of yr again. Expect crazy bundles lol

triple_c1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Tell me about it. I was planning to get an Xbox One in 2016 but I might be able to get an Xbox One sooner than I thought. Knowing how desperate Microsoft is to get consoles off the shelves to compete with the PS4 and knowing how crazy Microsoft makes these deals during the holidays, they might just start giving Xbox One's away to people for free this holiday lol

dantesparda1164d ago

Yeah, wait til they're free, unless you're really into something they got, I don't find much use for it. I got a X1 I got for a rock bottom street price, and the thing just sits there collects dust.

tinynuggins1164d ago

You should dust more often.

rainslacker1164d ago

I'm tempted...particularly since I buy a lot on Amazon...but part of me says wait until closer to Black Friday when I can get one of these bundles with a couple other games thrown in. I'd be more interested in the Halo 5 LE bundle though. That's a nice looking console, but it's a lot to spend for it, and a digital voucher in a steel book is kind of a slap in the face to collectors. Sometimes I wonder if they know who these steel books and LE's appeal to.

Concertoine1164d ago

Might as well just get the MCC 1 TB bundle. A game with significantly more content and twice the storage.

gfk3421164d ago

HDD in a X1 is totally irrelevant since you can hook an external drive.

So recommendation is to go for the cheaper X1 and buy an external HDD. With a around $50 you can buy an external 1TB, having thus a total of 1.5 TB.

This means that you'll have a X1 with 500gb more than MCC bundle for $50 less.

The_BlackHeart__1164d ago

Or even a 2Tb HDD for the PS4 for less than $95. Buying a new console for more storage is truly not a good practice.

TeamLeaptrade1164d ago

This is to be expected. I have a feeling the Xbox One will be down to $300 by the holiday season. It'd be a smart move on their part.

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