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Ah, PlayStation Mobile: an extremely niche idea on a fairly niche platform. Even for someone as dedicated to the Vita as I am, I can't say I spent too much time browsing its storefront — though in my defense, it was awfully easy to miss, tucked away as it was in a little corner of the handheld's PlayStation Store. And now it's gone, only to be remembered by people who were able to snag a few games before it quietly closed its e-doors a few months ago.

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NukaCola1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Looked at a few reviews and just got it on Vita for $4.99 just about 15 mins ago. Looking forward to it! :)

ChronoJoe1231d ago

The obsession with quiet continues.


YoungKingDoran1231d ago

Shame about PS Mobile. I tried to support it as much as possible. There were some cool games on there that will be potentially lost forever.