Halo Community Update: The Light Is Green

PAX Prime has come and gone. Many of you ascended on Seattle, and we prepared a preview of Halo 5: Guardians for your awaiting and capable hands. Warzone designers (in immaculate disguises) watched your first Warzone matches, got real-time feedback, and kept an eye on what was easily understood, and what may require adjustments – UI and player instruction, spawns, routes, sightlines, and more. We reunited with old friends – folks from GrifballHUB, r/Halo, HCS pro players, cosplayers, speedrunners, toy collectors, and many more, and also met new ones, including one gentlemen who played Warzone 17 times over the course of 4 days, waiting in line for over an hour each time. Sean, a special care package is on the way. Note: I almost wrote “car package” in the last sentence. This may have likely cost us considerably more money, and also my job.

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raggy-rocket1165d ago

Most hyped I've been for a game ever bar portal 2

FlexLuger1165d ago

For me its my most anticipated since FM6. And I have that on my HDD ready to be played from the 10th. And If that dont help Im finisihing up AC:black flag so I can start playing MGS 5. Got a bunch of other games to help kill the wait including neverwinter and its incoming expantion packs.

But halo is going to dominate my gamingv time from luanch till xmas, when Ill be getting to grips with RotTR. Man its been a good year.