Grow Home Review: Hey B.U.D., Watch Your Step | Short Pause

Short Pause: "Grow Home is unlike any other game I've played. In this unique adventure from developer Ubisoft Reflections, you assume the role of a Botanical Utility Droid (B.U.D. for short) whose mission is to harvest a special seed from an alien world in order to oxygenate his home planet. The only seed that will suffice comes from a giant vine called the Star Plant, and the only way to harvest the seed is to make the plant grow up to 2,000 meters. Strangely enough, that's the exact altitude at which B.U.D.'s spaceship waits in orbit above the planet."

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tazmeah1137d ago

For FREE, why not? But even at $7.99, this is a good looking adventure platformer that reviewed very well on PC, and appears to have made the jump to console without any issues.

TheDude791137d ago

I started playing this the other night, and the climbing controls and movement in general take some getting used to, but overall it seems like a pretty interested game. I love platformers so I'm curious to see how tough it gets the higher you climb.

piccolo9301137d ago

Platformer? Quirky? Beautiful art style? Jetpacks?! Sounds like my kind of game!