Unreal Engine 4 - New Fan Video Shows Realistic Dynamic Clouds

YouTube's 'CryZENx' shared a new video, showing some amazing dynamic clouds in Unreal Engine 4.

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masterfox1142d ago

Horizon has a similar type of dynamic clouds, I think it looks even better, a lot more natural:

Also probably I think Horizon will be the first game to have this kind of dynamic clouds system, it looks so damn impressive, I think I could loose my self seeing that sky for hours just for relaxation lol.

crazychris41241141d ago

Horizon does look better but remember. The clouds in Horizon are made by industry professionals who are working 40+ hours a week. The author of the UE4 looks to be a college student so you have to cut him some slack. Shame its $30 but if you think about this is for people that are building games that they will most likely be selling as well. $30 is a small price to pay if you have a chance to sell thousands of copies of your game.

masterfox1141d ago

well at least I'm comparing him with the big guys, thats some kind of compliment to him right ? right ? :D