NVIDIA Will Fully Implement Async Compute Via Driver Support, Oxide Confirms

Well, here is some good news for NVIDIA users. It appears that NVIDIA will fully implement Async Compute via an upcoming driver.

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Cobain191139d ago

Via driver huh? Well, I guess it's better than nothing

brich2331138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Emulated perhaps, via CPU? I dont know, I dont understand this stuff!! lol

Roccetarius1139d ago

It was only a matter of time either way, and it's time Nvidia can easily afford.

john21139d ago

Pretty curious now about Pascal and whether NVIDIA has fixed all these DX12 issues

Ashlen1139d ago

I hadn't taken the time to read a lot of technical info on why Nvidia cards had trouble with this. But I had assumed it should be able to be added via driver. The hardware itself is pretty straight forward, I wasn't aware of anything that should have limited it from doing async.

john21138d ago

At this point, it's a software/hardware combo solution for NVIDIA's cards (unlike pure hardware solution for AMD's GCN cards)

meche3341133d ago

Nvidias 900 series cards have async computer

1nsomniac1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I don't fully agree but again I'm no expert in the matter. How I see it though is just like how it works with other components I.e. Memory, cpu etc... It has to be hardware designed so the power runs through the circuitry in parallel. That's how the components are designed in parallel pipelines then how can they run in parallel?

This adding it by a driver update doesn't make sense to me at all. Unless it was already built that way but was purposefully disabled until the point were they could sell it as an extra feature & just enable it in future & they've been caught short. What they're talking about would surly consist of a complete driver rebuild from the ground up from scratch.

Either way, the fact that it's software based means Nvidia controls exactly how much power they allow to their customer depending on which card they buy. Then lower it again in time for a release of a new card with benchmarks that show huge improvements rather than what it actually should of been.

Lon3wolf1138d ago

All cards need software i.e. drivers to say how the hardware works and what features are present and available. Not sure why everyone is saying NVidia is just emulating async, can someone explain this fully?

IrishSt0ner1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

They explain at the end of the article, Maxwell 2 will use a mix of hardware and software whereas GCN uses hardware:

"Maxwell 2: Queues in Software, work distributor in software (context switching), Asynchronous Warps in hardware, DMA Engines in hardware, CUDA cores in hardware.

GCN: Queues/Work distributor/Asynchronous Compute engines (ACEs/Graphic Command Processor) in hardware, Copy (DMA Engines) in hardware, CUs in hardware.”

Lon3wolf1137d ago

Thanks, so that is emulating Async then and not proper Async?

IrishSt0ner1137d ago

Yea it's definitely not proper Async, I have a feeling it's not going to work too well in comparison with AMDs GCN native hardware support, can't see emulation matching the real thing.

RedDeadLB1138d ago

No one seems to understand that Nvidia just does Async Compute differently from AMD. Hardware support is there, software support isn't up to scratch yet, that's the only async compute "problem" Nvidia users are having right now.

pandehz1138d ago

Yea i was just typing about that.

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