Did Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days just get delayed?

''Roxas' DS spinoff was scheduled to come out in 2008. However, a revised release list from the DKS3713 gives the game a vague "This Winter" release without 2008 in front of it. All of the other games on Famitsu's skeleton calendar have years assigned, even Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep which won't be showing up until 2009. The official site has the release date as TBA.''

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Fernando Rocker4394d ago

Hopefully, this game will be released together with Kingdom Hearts 3 for Wii.

Name Last Name4394d ago

-laughs histerically and dies-

Isaac4394d ago

Joystiq's number one nintendo fanboy may be right JUST this time, as Disney wanted to heavily support the Wii, and the Keyblade can be a good match for the Wiimote. I rather have a 50GB KH3, but money speaks louder than art.

ArtisianDragon4394d ago

Always has spinoffs, not the official.
I can see KH3 going to PS3, but with everything going multi-plat these days I can also see it going to Xbox360, and if not multi-plat then the 360 will get a spin off as well.

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Xandet4394d ago

358/2 will be released this winter (early '09 at most), along with Coded in Japan. The game is obviously far enough along to eliminate a winter '09 release..