Halo 3 title update to switch up ranking system

Fulfilling their promise that they made last week, the Bungie crew has outlined the changes coming to Halo 3 as part of the second title update we'll be seeing release in the near future. And even though there won't be any hugely noticeable changes (a lot of the update's feature have to do with invisible back-end and behind the scenes goodness) we'll be getting a new Halo 3 experience system.

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Viktor E4318d ago

Waste of time if you ask me

Montrealien4318d ago

Not as bad as creating multiple accounts to boost bubbles on the one account you use to post 4 times in a row on a gaming site though. That my trollish little friend is a huge waste of time.

Bnet3434318d ago

LOL Viktor E got owned.

Viktor E4318d ago

This begs the question;Are Bungie willing to risk their Halo 1 Fame on another Halo title?

Sony sucks balls4318d ago

How was halo 3 proven to be overhyped ? Oh yeah it must be because it's been back at the number 1 spot for 2 weeks on live activity. Why do stupid people even bother talking ? I swear you should have to take an IQ test before you are allowed to post. Go play Metal Gear and take Sony's Co<k out of your a$$ !

Solid_Snake6664315d ago

this guy thinks hes cool writing ass like this A$$

Viktor E4318d ago

With the power of Blu Ray and the Cell Processor,it is a no brainer why Bungie would want to abandon the Xbox platform for bigger(Blu Ray) and better(CELL)things

iceman29294318d ago

it should be "bungie is now" not are ...

Solid_Snake6664315d ago

what is this language class...

Fatmanp4318d ago

LOL teh Cell is overrated it hasn't done anything that cannot be done elsewhere.

user8586214318d ago

STFU unless uve played mgs4, ratchet and clank or uncharted

IaMs124317d ago

Just to let you know im pretty sure Intel (I think its Intel or was IBM) some company has developed something just as powerful and better then the Cell you know..

pp4318d ago

all of those games can be done on xbox360 b*tch

fafoon4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Here's a few more your outdated Xbox wont be seeing either
Killzone 2
Resistance 2
MAG (256 players online totaly craps on 5vs5 on Gears 2)

You Absolutely SUCK

IaMs124317d ago

Any game can be put on any console... downgrading maybe involved but any game can be put on... just like PS3 cant run Gears because the lack of the RAM, as in the Xbox can split the RAM anyway they want it too PS3 has it at 256 for CPU and 256 for the graphics,..

fafoon4317d ago

" Any game can be put on any console "
And then
" just like PS3 cant run Gears "

Make your mind up
or are you at that confusing period in your life
You know
When you cant decide which side of the road you prefer to drive on

IaMs124317d ago

lol oops that was a little contridiction wasnt it lol? my bad, ya if they want to they can put Gears on PS3, It was my little counter attack of your list saying if you want to list i got 1 for ya as well but all in all any game can be run on any system... problem Devs dont want to do that :)

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The story is too old to be commented.