Metal Gear Solid's least safe-for-work moments


"Hideo Kojima is many things: ingenious game developer, enigmatic personality, avid film buff. The Metal Gear Solid series is often thought to be an extension of the man's unique vision - and if that's the case, you may also want to add 'mischievous pervert' to the list of labels. Easter Eggs, particularly those of a decidedly naughty nature, are practically a tertiary trademark of the series, right behind excellent stealth action and ludicrously convoluted plotlines."

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FallenAngel19841139d ago

How would you even be able to play MGSV at work

gamer78041139d ago

I barely get vita to work in the far corners of my upstairs let alone have enough bandwidth to do remote play over the net. I don't see how anyone could actually play a game like mgs over remote play over the internet

Dario_DC1139d ago

@gamer7804, I've used remoteplay from the UK to Portugal and worked just fine. My PS4 was wired that might help.
There are a ton of articles online that prove that, maybe you need to see if you have a problem with your router.