Playstation Asia Makes a Massive Balls-Up by Quoting the "Death" of the PS Vita

Do Asian countries have the dole? Hopefully so, because whoever is in charge of the PlayStation Asia official Facebook page is probably going to be heading down to the local job centre to find new employment sometime later today.

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gokuking1143d ago

Imagine applying for a new job after this:

"Hey, it says on your resume that you worked for Sony's PlayStation social media team. That's a pretty desirable job. What happened?"

"I got fired for quoting a review that said one of our current products was dead."

"Oh. Thanks for your time. If you're chosen expect a callback within the next two weeks."

Ch1d0r11142d ago

He'd be chosen at microsoft for sure

1142d ago
Fro_xoxo1143d ago

:o lol! oh sh!t.

I've got no words :D

dark-kyon1143d ago

Sony need to get what one joke isn't funny when you tell more what a time.

2cents1142d ago

Stop.... I cant breathe....

Ahhhh hahahaha

crazychris41241142d ago

Do they speak English in What?? Say what one my damn time, I dare ya, I double dare ya!

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triple_c1143d ago

Unless JRPG's are your thing, the Vita is dead people. There's no sugar coating it.

FunAndGun1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I just got Super Time Force Ultra for "free" along with two other games this month.

I get 2 to 3 games every month and they are rarely JRPG's.

There are many cross-buy/play PS3/PS4 games playable on the Vita.

Sony is releasing a new aqua blue Vita in North America. In that blog post is mentioned that there are over 1000 games for the Vita.

Yes, there are not many new "AAA" games that are not JRPG's, but there are still plenty of GAMES.

I still play my Vita all the time and there are games I haven't even tried yet because I get so many through Plus. But whatever, I don't have the "AAA" complex some do that avoids them having fun with all types of games.

triple_c1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Whoa.. no need to get so defensive bro..

I don't have an AAA complex. If you saw some of my trophies you'd see I play a variety of games (shoot me a PM if you're curious).. And for the record, I like JRPG's and Japanese games as well. I currently own Bloodborne and Deception IV for my PS4. I'm also looking forward to getting The Last Guardian, Attack on Titan, Persona 5 and Naruto Storm 4 to name a few. It's not that I have an AAA complex and I only like AAA games. I'm just being objective with my thinking here. Indies and JRPG's are nice BUT.. not everyone likes them like you and I do. Those games are niche and appeal to a small crowd of people so if you're someone who doesn't like or care for indies or JRPG's then the Vita just isn't for you.. That's all I was saying

jholden32491143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

My problem is none of the above. I play anything, of any genre, as long as it's an exceptional game. I love JRPGs and indies.

Thing is, I just don't like any of the ones on Vita. Oh I love JRPG's, but most all the ones coming out on Vita are a waste of time. Same for the indies, although I think the indie selection is a little better than the rest of what it offers. Unfortunately, when it does get a good indie from time to time, it's usually on every other platform already.

I think RE Revelations 2 is the only game I've bought for Vita in quite a while. And I MIGHT pick up Persona 5 Dancing All Night. But all those other games just either aren't very good, or I already have on one on the 3 main consoles.

nodim1143d ago

@jholden3249 Right, danganronpa is surely not very good and multiplatform can't be played on vita. Absolutely right. It's always amazing how people so actively look for a way to diminish vita.

Kal-V31143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

EDIT:I know this sounds super defensive (lol)...but

Super time force
Space Hulk
Steins Gate
RE:Revelations 2
J Stars
and Geometry Wars

All have come out in the past 2 months, all great games, none JRPGs

Dengki Bunko: Fighting Climax
Persona 4:DAN
Corps Party
Super Beat Xonic
Tales from Borderlands
Hyperlight Drifter
Darkest Dungeon (RPG but not JRPG)

All still coming this year, none JRPGs.

triple_c1143d ago

Lol you guys are getting very defensive. Read my response to the other guy. I actually like JRPG's. Hell, I own a Vita. All I'm saying is that the the Vita just isn't for people that don't like JRPG's and it's true. That's why I said "UNLESS YOU LIKE JRPG'S, the Vita is dead".

But hey, I apologize for not sugarcoating things and being honest about the Vita.

vongruetz1143d ago

The Vita has Minecraft. It doesn't matter if anything comes out in the future, with that one game it has relevancy for a very long time.

Kal-V31143d ago

I was typing out my comment while the other guys comment was already sent so i only saw your response to him after i sent it. ;P

As for the whole defensive thing, Dude you gotta understand.
Alot of us play our Vitas EVERYDAY and continue to buy Vita games that we enjoy. It gets incredibly annoying when people keep saying its dead when it clearly isn't (evidence supported by games still coming out for it. JRPG or not) just because there isn't a Madden or COD (ok, a good COD) for it when you can just play those on other consoles anyways.

I wouldn't care if people were indifferent to it or just commented "Man, i wish games i liked came out for the Vita"
That's ok. But this whole "I don't like it, so it's dead" attitude (Not saying you) gets old really fast.

triple_c1143d ago

"It gets incredibly annoying when people keep saying its dead when it clearly isn't"

That's the thing. I NEVER said the Vita was dead. I said that the Vita was dead UNLESS you're into JRPG's.

Don't get me wrong, I like PlayStation myself but you people worship this plastic and are so fanatic with your fanboyism to the point that you are misinterpreting what I said and you are only reading what you want to read. Some of you guys are getting so defensive that you're making arguments out of things that I didn't even say and instead making arguments out of things you misinterpreted because you can't seem to handle anything anyone says that you perceive to be negative about your beloved plastic. Take the fanboy goggles off for a second and try to understand and cope with what I'm saying.

The Vita isn't getting many AAA games. It is getting lots of JRPG's and Japanese games though so obviously if you're into JRPG's or Japanese games then the Vita is for you. But if you're someone that isn't into those type of games then the Vita is just not for you. That was basically what I was saying but in the mind of a fanboy I was saying something different, apparently..

This will be my last response though. I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall.

Spotie1143d ago

Nobody's getting defensive. They're just correcting your statement.

You talk about sugarcoating the situation, but as the many games listed show, you are wrong on both your assertions.

Rebel_Scum1142d ago

"Correcting your statement"

Can't he have an opinion unless it agrees with yours or the majority?

InTheLab1143d ago

One thing that bothers me is how defenders attack you for stating an obvious fact. We were sold a lie. It's Sony that told us what type of handheld the Vita would be and failed to deliver. So now we are attacked for wanting those console quality games and not a crap load of indies and niche titles. They try and shame you for wanting half of what the psp recieved. No God of War. No MGS. No GT. We got a few great games years ago that people still list as the games to play and it's sad.

Vita had potential and Sony failed to capitalize and fully support it. It's dead. Play your indies in denial but don't attack people for stating a fact.

Kal-V31143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Nice, play the "Shaming" card. Classy..
God forbid...NEW IPs come out for it.

Oh and the Vita got all new EXCLUSIVE Uncharted, Killzone and Resistance games along with a bunch of classics collections (MGS, GOW, Sly, Jak) so you can play those on the go...but you forgot to mention those.

InTheLab1143d ago

I said right there in the comment we received a few great games. Uncharted and Killzone were good. Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice were GREAT. There were quite a few cross buys that were awesome.

All of that was years ago. Uncharted dropped in 2012 but that doesn't stop you guys from listing it every time someone rightfully criticizes Sony for abandoning the Vita. Are we to play Golden Abyss for another 3 years?

The other issue is, the majority of the games coming out for it are also on the PS3/4 meaning they are all mostly ports. So the "new" IPs you're talking about are all made for the PS4 and ported to the Vita. No one is making games for the thing. Even the little niche titles and indies. Mostly ports with no Vita exclusives.

And there is no shaming card. You're all over this thread jumping on people who want AAA games or even a single 1st party title from Sony. Killzone Mercenary dropped over 2 years ago. I guess we should play that for another 2 years, right? How about that crappy Resistance game? Guess I'll run that for another 3 years.

So nothing but ports and Sony can't even give the thing away. They've moved on to trying to sell it as a second screen device which is sad. That is why the new Vita is launching. Not because people are lining up to buy Persona 4 Dancing all night....

triple_c1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )


It's not that I don't like JRPG's or niche titles bro. I actually like them and own some on my Vita and PS4 but there's also people like you out there that don't like them which is what I was saying in my original post. And there is nothing wrong with not liking them. You're entitled to your opinion bro. The problem is that people took my statement out of context and thought I was saying the Vita was dead when I didn't say that. What I actually said was that the Vita was dead to a certain demographic of people that don't like JRPG's but the fanboys misinterpreted what I was saying.

Fanboys just can't stand it when you criticize or say anything remotely negative about their precious plastic or their favorite company even if what you're saying is true. That's the reason I'm getting attacked. I'm a PlayStation fan myself but the fanboyism that I'm seeing right now is beyond ridiculous.

Btw, you are right bro, Sony abandoned the Vita and failed to fully support the Vita but don't bother telling the people in this comment section that. To them the Vita has no flaws and the Vita is a perfect godsend from the heavens that doesn't need any improvements..

Kal-V31143d ago

" To them the Vita has no flaws and the Vita is a perfect godsend from the heavens and doesn't need any improvements.."

Who said this? Did anyone in the comments section say this? No! all anyone here said is that its not dead and list evidence stating so. As a matter of fact one of my comments says its ok for you not to like the Vita if you don't want to, no one is forcing you to like it.
Everyone knows Sony isn't supporting it like they really should. Yoshida himself said it multiple times in interviews. Does not mean it's dead and does not mean that the games that are coming out aren't great games. Some are not good and some are good.

Just continuously saying "It's Dead" isn't criticism.
I never understood this. People dont care for the system and dont like it, fine. But they always feel the need to come to Vita articles and start yelling it'd dead unprovoked and wonder why people say they like playing it and "get defensive". Granted this is an article about the comment about the Vita "being dead" but this isn't the only Vita article that this discussion it occurring in.

Final thought: Neither of us are wrong or right, they're just opinions and that's great. but the fact is the Vita LITERALLY isn't dead due to it actually still getting games, updates and advertising regardless of it's budget, development team or name recognition or the games. Once Sony announces "On this date the last official Vita game will be released and Sony will no longer be producing and supporting the Vita" is when it is actually dead.

hiawa231143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Triplec, I agree with you 100%. Given the tech behind the Vita, I wanted a console experience on the go, not just ports. Like a portable PS3 or PS4 on the go. I enjoy the games I have like Uncharted, Killzone, Ninja Gaiden, and I have my entire PSP digital collection on the Vita, so that will have to be good enough. Definitely not buying anymore handhelds...

joeorc1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )


"We were sold a lie. It's Sony that told us what type of handheld the Vita would be and failed to deliver"


Who is this "we" were Sold a lie?
Sony put out a game handheld console, it released with Uncharted, Cod, LBP and than many gamers the majority on gamer forums. Complained, after complaint how it was just watered down ports! Or I would rather play that on the PS3 or hopefully Sony ports that exclusive PSVita game over to the PS4.

Sony I would say got freaking fed up with it all and said port every freaking PSVita sought after exclusivs that were in the works to go to the PS4 instead and called it a day. Because that is what the "Majority" of gamers online told them they wanted!

maniacmayhem1143d ago

InTheLab is right, if this were any other company that promised what Sony did at the beginning of their product's cycle (Kinect) we would get a mass amount of people on this site yelling how that company duped their users.

The Vita at this point is on life support only being supported with niche indie games, a few jrpgs and a ton of hentai like Japanese fan service games.

If anyone still enjoys their Vita, that is great. Good for them, but let's not jump down a person's throat for stating the obvious and what the majority also feel about the Vita.

Concertoine1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Well said

Its also a lot of these same people criticizing the Wii U for its lack of games. That platform has its problems as well, but i would argue Nintendo's supported their struggling platform much better. What exactly has Sony done for the Vits this year? Bought a port of Revelations 2?

Like maniac said above its fine to like the Wii U or Vita but one needs to accept that neither platform has lived up to their promise, and that's why they dont sell

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Scatpants1143d ago

Unless you like shovelware the 3DS is dead.

Concertoine1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Not only is the 3ds an older platform, but Nintendo still frequently releases first party games for it. Huge titles like two Dragon Quest games and Yokai Watch are coming, and Animal Crossing and Zelda are this year. Next year is a Mario RPG and whatever else is unannounced. This is not counting indies or third party games.

The closest thing to a big game Vita got this year was a port of Revelations 2.

You just sound bitter saying the 3ds is getting shovelware.

Scatpants1142d ago

I haven't seen a game on 3DS I've wanted in the past 6 months and the next Fire Emblem game is the only one I want in the future, and yet somehow I'm getting multiple fun games every month for my "dead" Vita.

styferion1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

lol, it's just that funny when you try so hard denying people's argument by telling them they're being defensive.

to people who see this it's you who get so defensive bro, one of the post even states the non-jrpg games yet it's 'defensive' not 'debate'. your statement can't be the one that's wrong huh?

reallyNow1142d ago

As a die-hard vita lover, I fear its being horribly under-utilized. Makes me sad. All it needed was a gran turismo.

Rebel_Scum1142d ago

"horribly under-utilized" is an understatement.

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