1UP: Red Faction: Guerrilla Multiplayer Hands-On Preview

Every time Volition shows off Red Faction: Guerrilla and the amount of property damage you can inflict on Mars, the developers talk about how this property damage is a factor in multiplayer. Starting on August 1st, THQ kicks off a Red Faction: Guerrilla multiplayer beta on Xbox Live, and here's a quick look at how smacking concrete becomes a key gameplay element.

The multiplayer beta features two modes and three maps. Both modes, Team Anarchy (Martian for "team deathmatch") and Damage Control (Martian for "capture and hold"), can be used in the three beta maps -- though the full game will have maps that only support specific multiplayer modes. The three maps for the beta are pretty much variations on the "bases out in the Martian wasteland" theme. Gameplay-wise, Team Anarchy is pretty straightforward; the main change from any other deathmatch FPS shooter is that players are not only shooting each other, but they're also blowing up buildings. It's the Damage Control mode that uses the destructible environment in an interesting manner.

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