1UP: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep First Hands-On Preview

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII may well have been a turning point for Square Enix, the moment at which its developers suddenly realized they'd mastered the PSP hardware, and should set about milking their success for all it's worth. It was an impressive piece of work -- not just for its technical prowess, but also for how perfectly it worked as both a portable game and a spin-off of a blockbuster hit. So the fact that Kingdom Hearts' first PSP venture (subtitled "Birth By Sleep") evokes the feel of Crisis Core should be regarded as a very good thing.

Obviously, the two games share a very similar visual style, both being based on the porcelain pretty-boy characters of Square's workhorse designer Tetsuya Nomura. Birth By Sleep is probably the more attractive game, though; the slightly desaturated blue-tinged visuals of Crisis Core feel rather dull next to the vibrant colors of the Disney canon. That's right: While Sleep has nothing to do with series mainstay Sora and his friends (at least not that 1UP has seen), it's still Kingdom Hearts. And that means Disneyana everywhere.

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gaffyh4326d ago

Okay so this is a spin-off, should still be good. Crisis Core's controls were pretty good for an Action RPG, so maybe this KH will also work well with the new control scheme. A must buy if you own a PSP.

xxBATTLECATxx4326d ago

as long as it isnt the same combat style of crisis core. although theyre similar, id rather have the KH hack and slash style

Mr Fancy Pants4326d ago

i don't have a psp nor a ds. which should i buy... possibly a psp for the ps3 connectivity.

badz1494325d ago

I'm simply pumped up by this game! I love KH and I hope this will be out soon!